Survivor Redemption Island Episode 7 Recap

Matt and Stephanie dueled in a memory turnover game. Both of them hit a pair with their first turnovers, which was pretty freaky. Matt ended up winning again, his fifth time! They noted he'd been at Redemption Island for 12 days at this point. The dude is amazing.

At the Formerly Team Russell, Lawyer David was annoying people. At Team Rob, Crazy Phillip had a tantrum over not getting some of "the crispy." (The crispy rice at the bottom of the pot.) And then he said that the girls were literally sleeping in Rob's underwear. I'm sure Amber loved to hear that.

Team Rob won immunity and reward, ensuring that Phillip will be around to annoy us one more week. And the Ghost of Russell continues to haunt his former tribe. Betcha y'all think throwing that challenge to get rid of Russell maybe wasn't the best idea, huh?

Rob's team got to picnic on an active volcano. Rob found the newest clue to the immunity idol he already has and, when doing his confessional bit with the camera guy, threw the clue into the volcano unread. Hah!

Over at the Team Cursed by Russell, the tribe members were choosing between sending David or Sarita to Redemption Island. In the end, Sarita was dumped.

Next week: Matt gets injured just before the merge.


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