The Amazing Race Unfinished Business Episode 6 Recap

The teams had to do a tea tasting in China (and mostly grumbled about still being in China) before finally jetting off to India ...

...where the roadblock was to do a tea tasting - to find the same tea they drank in China from a selection of hundreds. Ooh. Sneaky.

Ron got his almost right away. Other teams had a much more difficult time. And Jen and Kisha didn't realize that their next clue was under the lid of the bottle of ice tea they received for completing the roadblock and had their taxi driver take them to the product placement tea factory. They eventually realized their error and got back in the race. Meanwhile, Luke struggled with the tea tasting, leaving his team well behind.

Gary and Mallory came in first and got a product placement reward. Oh joy. And $20,000. Ok, not bad.

Margie and Luke couldn't make up the lost time and came in last. They're going home. It was very sad.

Next week: It's not on. In two weeks, it's loud.


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