Survivor Redemption Island Episode 4 Recap

The big attraction tonight was Russell vs Matt in the Redemption Island duel. Matt won and Russell is GONE from Survivor.

Well, he played a one dimensional game this time around - everyone knew what his game was and he never changed it up. He deserved to go out this early.

Russell said on the way out this will be the last time he will play Survivor.

And Matt just became the most beloved or most hated player this season.

Over at Team Rob, Rob concocted a beach day to get everyone out of camp and faked illness so he could find the immunity idol, which be did. Yay, Rob!

The Immunity challenge was a gigantic product placement for a major American retailer that will not be named here unless they pay me. Team Formerly Russell won the challenge, sending Team Rob to Tribal Council.

It must be noted that through the entire show, Phillip has been uber annoying and his tribe mates commented on it the entire time.

Rob decreed that the vote would be for Kristina, as a bigger threat than annoying Phillip. Some disagreed, believing Phillip's personality more grating than any threat posed by Kristina.

In the end, Rob's opinion won out and Kristina was dispatched to Redemption Island.

Next week: Phillip is still annoying. Shocking, I know.


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