HootSuite does Twitter customer service right


Out of the blue about two weeks ago, my HootSuite iPhone app deleted my social networks and forced me to start everything again from scratch. I was a bit taken aback, because HootSuite has always been rock solid for me as an app. And it had fairly recently become my primary iPhone app for Twitter because of Twitter for iPhone’s issues. (See entry above.)

I put a call out on Twitter to HootSuite’s help account (@HootSuite_Help) and they responded quickly offering suggestions and advice. As it turned out, it was me and not them who figured out the problem (I found this on HootSuite’s site) but the point is that HootSuite’s help team engaged quickly and wanted to solve my problem. And, they have a lot of online resources for users to go through to look for their own solutions. Thumbs up for them.


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