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Auto Awesome is (you want me to say awesome, don't you?)

One of the great built-in features of Google+, and why I'm doing most of my real blogging over there these days, is the Auto Awesome feature, whereby the GOOG takes your pictures and edits them for you in to what it calls and Auto Awesome. Most of them are pictures that get some kind of filter treatment, but Google+ also can take images that overlap and turn them into a panorama, or can take burst mode shots and stitched them into an animated GIF style "moving picture." The bonus here is that Google+ can automatically upload pictures from your camera roll (well, it could, at least until iOS 8 came along) and does this all without you asking. It's very cool. Here are some examples.

iOS8: Second impressions

If WestJet and Air Canada can do it...

BREAKING NEWS: I am now charging $25 for the first checked bag. — Mike Jenkinson (@MikeJenkinson) September 18, 2014

First impressions of Apple's new iOS8

Who needs cellular minutes when you have FaceTime Audio?

Big iPhone is big

Google's services are lagging because it's too big

Reason 1,742 why Guardians of the Galaxy is so awesome

Memories of Lethbridge

My wife and I spent a lovely weekend in Lethbridge at a wedding. Consider this the recap post. All embedded content from Google+, which is my main blogging hangout these days.