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Google Inbox: Less than meets the eye

Shortly after posting this, I switched back to using the Mailbox app on my iPhone/iPad. Google Inbox isn't quite there yet.

Jawas: They'll sell you droids AND candy! #starwars

Loading In a little known deleted scene from Star Wars, before selling R2D2 and C3PO to Owen, Beru and Luke, the Jawas handed out M&Ms. View on Instagram

They're not phishing

A beautiful Edmonton day

It's been a long time since I used the BlogPress app. And it's been a while since I blogged directly on The Newsroom rather than using a Google+ embed. And really all I wanted to do was post this photo of the North Saskatchewan River from the new Henday bridge in the west end.

Delicious Gmail pi!

Today's Gmail update version number is pi. — Mike Jenkinson (@MikeJenkinson) October 6, 2014

This season's pre-emptive "Oilers suck" post

Post by Mike Jenkinson .