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Casting Crowns at Break Forth 2013 Concert Review

Casting Crowns headlined Friday night at Break Forth 2013 here in Edmonton. It was a solid show that featured a lot of songs from their 2011 release, Come to the Well, and a new song that, honestly, I can't remember the name of, but I'm pretty sure it's from their new acoustic album. (Note: These are the kinds of highly researched and professional concert reviews that you've come to expect from me.) This was the third time I've seen Casting Crowns in concert in the last six or seven years, and the shows are essentially the same (in a good way): lead singer Mark Hall tells stories in between songs and encourages the crowd to yell "GLORY!" at points during songs. It's charming. But their songs are tremendous and the packed house sang along the entire night. And it was a fun show. The only disappointing element was that Megan Garrett couldn't join the band for this show, due to the flu. This is the second Edmonton show in a row that she has misse