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Violent Australian seagulls

When we were at Darling Harbour in Sydney, we noticed that the seagulls weren't just aggressive, they were downright violent and would basically attack you to steal your food if they felt they were being teased. So this family next to us decides they'll feed the seagulls for a bit and then stop. I decided to roll video on my iPhone in case something interesting happened. After a few minutes, the seagulls conspired to steal the girl's hamburger, and then they went after her for all her food. Here's the good stuff:  Also, Violent Australian Seagulls would be a good name for a rock band.

Adventures in Australia and New Zealand

The anniversary cake that Celebrity Solstice gave us on our first formal night Warning: I'm going to quickly run out of synonyms for "beautiful," "amazing," and "gorgeous" to describe Australia and New Zealand. My wife and I took off for this grand adventure at the end of October for our 25th wedding anniversary (which is in December, but the timing worked out better to go when we did).  We departed Edmonton on October 29, and immediately ran into our first travel glitch (and, fortunately, our last). We were booked on a 1:30 p.m. flight to Vancouver. Whenever we checked the flight number on Google, it showed a 2:20 p.m. departure. We didn't think much of it - maybe Air Canada just changed the flight. Which is what happened. But Air Canada forgot to move our reservation over to the new flight and, at that moment at the airport, we had no flight to Vancouver. At all. Bob from Air Canada got us on the 2:20 flight and we were on o