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Survivor South Pacific Episode 3 Review

It's Survivor. Now in glorious HD at our house.

The first duel between Semhar and Christine began with Semhar doing some "spoken word" that calmed her and annoyed everyone else. The duel involved balancing a little wooden totem on a pole to which they had to add sections. Semhar was eliminated. Christine stays alive.

So Russell Hantz's Nephew decided to tell his tribe he's Russell Hantz's Nephew. Well, he's doomed.

Ozzy told Keith he has the idol. Keith promptly told Whitney. Well, Ozzy's doomed.

Mikayla confronted Russell Hantz's Nephew about the vendetta. Russell Hantz's Nephew called a tribe meeting and proceeded to proclaim he wanted no part of the drama. Irony! Mikayla cried. Russell Hantz's Nephew cried. Well, he's doo- Oh wait. I did that gag already.

Coach's team won reward/immunity. Jim immediately targeted Papa Bear, the old New York cop. Ozzy agreed. Papa Bear decided to go look for the idol (which Ozzy has) to save his s…

The Amazing Race 19 - Episode 1

The new season of the Amazing Race kicked off tonight, featuring Ethan and Jenna from Survivor and a bunch of people who aren't celebrities. Or at least lesser celebrities. And twins who use the word "literally" a lot. Literally.

The teams had to solve a word puzzle right off the bat. The last team wasn't eliminated but was tagged with an additional challenge called a Hazard. That honor went to the Vegas Showgirls. One of whom then dropped her passport at the gas station while asking for directions. (Keep in mind these two bragged about their brains as the show started. I'd like to thank the producers for such an awesome bit of ironic foreshadowing.) And then they argued and bickered.

Ethan and Jenna hatched this plan to not tell anyone they were on Survivor. Cut to all the other teams talking about how they're competing against 2 people who won Survivor.

Meanwhile the Vegas Showgirl passport was found and returned to LAX thanks to Twitter. Seriously.

The teams…

Sunday afternoon humor


Where to watch UFC 135 in Edmonton and Calgary

I can't believe I forgot to post this, especially considering I'm buying the show tonight!

But if you'd rather go see it at a bar, here's your hookup.

Go Bones!

Survivor: South Pacific Episode 2 Review

Ozzy pulled a Russell by finding a hidden immunity idol without a clue. Obviously, the producers either need to hide them better or take them out of the game given how quickly players go scrambling for them when they land on the beach. Ozzy promised that this time, he'd use the idol to his advantage. Unlike last time.

Russell Hantz's Nephew decided to tell Coach that he's Russell Hantz's Nephew. Which I'm pretty sure will turn out to be the dumbest move of the game. But I've been wrong before.

Russell Hantz's Nephew also decided he didn't like Mikalya because she was pretty. And acted pretty. And he's married. So she has to go. Obviously. I'm starting to think this game has passed me by. For her part, Mikayla - the lingerie football player and Playboy cover girl - declared she's not a girly-girl. Obviously.

Team Ozzy won the immunity/reward challenge, keeping them from tribal council and sending them to camp with comfy bedding.

Coach ta…

Sunday afternoon humor


TweetDeck: Goodbye Hello scheduled updates!

Tweetdeck updated its various applications today, and the big news was that the service is dead.

As noted in the screenshot here, is going to be removed from all the TweetDeck services. Which is fine. was interesting - it allowed you to post more than 140 character updates to Twitter. But unless you used TweetDeck, the long update showed in your Twitter stream as a 140-character tweet that included a link to the TweetDeck website where the entire longer update could be read. (TweetDeck would automatically show posts as long tweets within the app.)

It was cool, but it was not a make-or-break feature of TweetDeck.

The good news is that Chrome TweetDeck now has SCHEDULED UPDATES! This is a great move, as scheduled updates are my favorite feature of HootSuite (and desktop TweetDeck). So, YAY!

Also worth nothing: The announcement that their apps were updated today was the first time TweetDeck has updated its Twitter account since August 2.

Survivor: South Pacific Episode 1 Review

We're a day late, but what can you do?

As everyone knows, Ozzy and Coach are the returning players this year. My wife put it best when she said, "I don't remember Ozzy at all." Personally, I think they're both seeking redemption from bad hair cuts.

Ozzy was warmly welcomed by his team, whereas Coach got more of a cold shoulder. But Coach quickly rallied an alliance of five together, while Ozzy hung out with his team like it was a giant frat party and told them they should all go swimming instead of, you know, building a shelter and stuff.

Coach's team featured Russell Hantz's Nephew, whose legal name, judging from the number of times he said it, may actually be "Russell Hantz's Nephew." Russell Hantz's Nephew was very careful to keep his identity secret, lest he be targetted for being Russell Hantz's Nephew. Russell Hantz's Nephew also had to keep his shirt on at all times due to his tattoos that proclaimed he's Russell Hant…

Survivor: South Pacific Episode 1 Non-Review

So, just like last year, I have another commitment on the night the new Survivor season starts. I may be able to get a short review up yet tonight. If not, tomorrow.

EDIT: The review is up!

How to get Voice Memos off your iPhone without iTunes (Spoiler: Don't use Voice Memos!)

I had a bit of afreakout earlier this month over the utter inability to take long (read: anything over 2 minutes) Voice Memos off of an iPhone without physically tethering it to iTunes and transferring the file.

Today, I stumbled across a solution - more of a workaround - that accomplishes what I want.

Step 1: Don't use Voice Memos. Seriously, don't. That's half the problem.

Step 2: Install the SoundCloud app. It's free!

Step 3: Use SoundCloud to record your audio file.

Step 4: When you're done, upload it to the SoundCloud site straight from your iPhone. (You'll need to create a free account, but big deal.)

Step 5: Go to the SoundCloud website, log into your account, and download the file back down to your computer, where you can edit or otherwise manipulate it to your heart's content.

Step 6: Relax, make yourself a cafe latte, and enjoy your day.


Bye, Voice Memos.

(The great irony of this is that I've actually had SoundCloud on my iPhone for .…

Sunday afternoon humor

see more Very Demotivational

 Any resemblance to our branch of the Jenkinson family is entirely coincidental.

Saturday morning weigh-in - 173.6 lbs

That's better!

Testing the new Blogger app

This is just a test of the new Blogger app from Google. It's the official app, replacing the unofficial paid app that is currently on sale for $2.99.

So far, it appears to have far fewer features than the paid app, but we'll see how it develops. And it appears the only place you can put a photo is under the text. Yeah. It needs some work.
TWO DAYS LATER UPATE: Well, I've taken this app off my main page and stuck it in one of my "Social Media" folders on my iPhone, and have returned the BlogPress app I paid for back to its prominent spot on my home screen. Google's got the germ of a good app here, but fundamentally, it doesn't do anything that you couldn't already do by setting up the "publish to blog via email" feature that's already built into the main Blogger site. This app can't schedule posts, it can't upload video, it can't move where the picture goes, it can't add hyperlinks.... it's basically what you'd ex…

Today's sporting news

The Winnipeg Jets unveiled their new jerseys today and I think they look fantastic. Pictures here on the Jets website. Needless to say, this is high on my Christmas list. Having grown up in Winnipeg, I'm thrilled to have the Jets back.

And the other big sporting news today is that Brock Lesnar is returning to the octagon on Dec. 30 to battle Alistair Overeem. That's going to be great, epic battle and will get approximately a billion gajillion PPV buys. Yeah, yeah, I know... only hardcore MMA fans know who Overeem is, but that will change by December 30.

More Camera+ goodness

Back in March, I posted some examples of pictures I'd taken with my iPhone and run through the Camera+ Clarity feature. Here's another example of how this little app turns ordinary iPhone photos into something great (as opposed to something that looks like it was shot in 1970)
It's the best 99 cents I've ever spent (I got it on sale).

Sunday afternoon humor


Saturday morning weigh-in - 175.2 lbs

Basically the same as last week. Need to start moving this down.

UFC just saved me $50

I was going to buy the November 19 PPV card featuring the Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos heavyweight title match, but UFC announced today that the fight has been moved to the November 12 debut on FOX.

How UFC fills that rather large gap in their November 19 card ... well, good thing that's not my problem. Whether Cain and JDS can become mainstream stars and household names out of this is also not my problem. But I do have $50 extra in my pocket now, and that's a good thing for me.