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The Great Niagara Falls Vacation Blog

Day 1, Thursday, July 21

It was an early morning at the Winnipeg James Alexander Keith Charles Bedford Richardson International Airport And Construction Zone, where every 10 minutes the CBC Airport News helpfully informed us that it was going to 38 degrees in Toronto, which is, of course, where we were landing. Unless the Toronto airport had burst into flames by the time we landed. (At the same time, it was going to 20 in Edmonton, so we still had the better end of the deal.)

The day got off to a good start as our plane departed on time. See last year's Hawaii blogs for more on that.

Our main concern in Toronto was getting out of it. And that's not a diss to TO, but we were there to land, rent a car and drive to Niagara - assuming that even armed with my iPhone's GPS and a map (look it up, kids) we could make our way to the correct highway.

Which we did. The GPS was perfect. And it was 37 degrees during the drive. Yay for in-car AC.

So, of course....

And after gazing a…

New video: Downhere's Let Me Rediscover You


Going Chrome

After a long love affair with Firefox, I think I've finally switched to Chrome.

I say "I think" because, well, like my Twitter apps, I generally use whatever works best for me and am not terribly concerned with brand loyalty with free Internet apps. But for now, Chrome is my default browser.

For many years, Firefox worked best for me as a browser. But starting with FF 4.0, it began hanging more often than it used to, and some of the extensions were becoming unstable because they weren't catching up (or updating at all, leaving me with broken extensions). Firefox 5 was having the same issues. At the same time, Google Chrome became more mature and its list of add-ons and extensions got to the point where I can set up Chrome almost exactly the way I have my Firefox customized. Plus, I like Chrome's downloadable web apps like TweetDeck and Angry Birds, and that's helped push me more into the Chrome camp.

The only major extension that I'm missing on Chrome is

Sunday afternoon humor

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Ol' MacDonald had a campground ... still

We took our second trip out to the Ol' Macdonald Resort over the Canada Day long weekend, and the highlights were a beaver, and pizza sandwiches.

Which is to say that the resort was nice, too, but we knew that. They'd decked out the main drag with a giant Canadian flag, but sadly, it ripped apart in a rain storm on Canada Day Eve, so we were greeted on July 1with the flag hanging in tatters.

I have to say ... I know we Canadians are quite a quietly patriotic lot, but I was quite impressed with the fact that nearly everyone at the campground had some kind of Canadian flag paraphernalia - either a hat, shirt, rub-on tattoo, flags or whatnot. All day Friday, we saw folks looking very Canada Day festive, which was nice. For our part, we flew our Canadian flag ... beach towel.

Hey, it was something!

We arrived Wednesday night, and it was still pretty quiet around the resort on Thursday as we wandered around the property.

That's when we ran into the beaver, which was hanging arou…

Happy Canada Day!