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Travel blog: A glorious and triumphant return to Las Vegas

Welcome, friends. It's been a while, huh? So, having survived this whole COVID ordeal for 2+ years, we decided to blow three years worth of travel budget in one summer. Which meant we had to return to Las Vegas. We started at a new place at Harrah's called Walk On's , which is a Cajun sports bar. I got the gator wrap, which was quite tasty. Gator basically tastes like chicken, so this was nothing mind blowing in terms of exotic flavours, but I'm not going to a Cajun place and ordering a hamburger - I want something weird enough. My wife got the shrimp Po Boy. We both enjoyed our food. We went back to Walk On's a couple of days later for breakfast, which for me was a pretty good chicken and waffles. It's hard to screw up chicken and waffles, and yet... I also had the most disappointing chicken and waffles I've ever eaten. Which was surprising because it came from Chef Marcus Samuelsson's Streetbird Fried Chicken at Resorts World, the newest big hotel/cas