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President Obama has decided this is "stimulus"

Offbeat News: Driver Charged $81 Billion For Filling Camaro Gas Tank Juan Zamora pumped $26 of gas into his 1994 Chevy Camaro at his regular Conoco just like any other normal day. The only problem is his Paypal debit card recorded a transaction of $81,400,836,908.

These gourmet coffees are soooo complicated

I went to lunch today at a popular downtown restaurant with some friends and absolutely stumped the waitress when, apres lunch, I asked for a cafe mocha. She looked at me like I was speaking Norwegian. "I've never heard of that," she said. "It's like a cappuccino, but with chocolate milk," I said. "So you want a cappuccino with a shot in it?" she asked. I settled for a plain cappuccino.

Because it's never too soon to start a Christmas list

If you had ever asked me, "Mike, what's the one TV series that's not on DVD that you'd like to see on DVD?" the answer would have always been, Andy Richter Controls the Universe . On March 24, I'm going to have to find a new answer to that question .

Starfield's "My Generation" played on handbells

This is absolutely fantastic!

The Real World's Sadly Lacking in Noble Causes Worth Fighting For

The Real World's Sadly Lacking in Noble Causes Worth Fighting for 20-something girl to boyfriend: You're such a nerd. Boyfriend: We prefer "Men of Gondor." Overheard by: Corey via Overheard Everywhere , Feb 23, 2009

The ultimate Survivor-Amazing Race TV crossover

Completely out of the blue today, my brain hit upon this thought: One of these days, CBS must tape seasons of Survivor and The Amazing Race simultaneously. About half-way through the tapings, the Amazing Race teams all end up routed to Survivor Island. The twist in the show is that the last team to the pit stop for that leg of the race doesn't get booted from the show, but changes shows and is now on Survivor , split up and on separate tribes. At the same time, both Survivor teams separately go to tribal council. The voted off members, however, don't go home - they are told that they have to team up and go on the rest of The Amazing Race . It would be the ultimate twist in both games, would briefly intersect two hit TV shows, and provide at least two episodes of television (one for each show) that would be absolutely must-watch TV, particularly if CBS could pull this off spoiler-free and ensure that no one knows about it before the episodes air. CBS can have this idea

Sunday afternoon humor

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Weight classes? What weight classes?

When Diego Sanchez, making his debut in the UFC's lightweight, 155 lbs. division, admits after the fight that he walked into the fight at 172 lbs. - two pounds over the welterweight limit - it's time for UFC and the athletic commissions to take weight classes a little more seriously.

The curling widower

The Scotties Tournament of Hearts started today, meaning I'm a curling widower for a week.

I'm still alive

Time for one of my semi-regular, "Sorry for not posting so much recently" posts. Hey, life gets busy. When the Legislature is in session, I don't have a lot of free time, and when I do, it's not usually spent thinking up witty things to post about. Heck, I haven't even been updating my Twitter feed with any regularity, so all my social media outlets have been faltering.

Another "first world" complaint

The Internet was aghast this week at the new Facebook Terms of Service, which had a half-life of approximately 2 hours before Facebook sheepishly revoked them and decided that they didn't allegedly want the rights to your content in perpetuity anymore. I mean, I had friends who were considering quitting Facebook at the thought that Facebook was going to own the rights to their photos forever. Two thoughts on this: 1) This is a first world complaint. I'm sure the starving kids in Africa are really sympathetic here. Only we who have so much leisure time on our hands could be bothered to get upset over something that in the big picture is so meaningless. 2) Frankly, I'd like to see Facebook (or Google or any other big Internet company) try to win a PR battle by litigating some poor teenager over something like this. These kinds of terms of service would never stand up in a court of law, and I'm always amazed that people get so bent out of shape over it. See point

Bye-bye, new router. Hello, newer router

The Linksys wireless N router that I bought 16 days ago went back to Best Buy today, replaced by a Belkin wireless N router. Turns out the particular model of the Linksys I purchased had a lot of problems - randomly losing the network seemed to be the big one. And the Best Buy return clerk was not surprised in the least to see me returning it - a lot of people have brought them back. New router installed. Hopefully this works better.

Sunday afternoon humor

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Dear Dana White

If your Montreal show falls through because of the stupid athletic commission, please consider moving the show to Edmonton. It would be an instant sellout.

Just Need to Know If It's Really Gonna Hit My Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie

Just Need to Know If It's Really Gonna Hit My Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie Caller: I need to speak to your meteorologist now. Producer: Sorry, she's gone to dinner. Caller: But I really need to know about the moon. Will she be saying anything about the moon tonight during the news? Producer: What are you, a werewolf? News Station Jackson, Mississippi via Overheard in the Office , Feb 12, 2009

Report: Quebec commission demands rule changes for UFC 97 (Updated) |

Report: Quebec commission demands rule changes for UFC 97 (Updated) | Posted using ShareThis

BJ Penn Welcome Home Rally

In case you're in Hawaii this week and want to celebrate the biggest four-round one-sided butt-kicking in UFC history. Why BJ would want a party to mark his beating is beyind me, but, hey, Ala Moana is quite the nice place, so it's not all bad.

Dancing with the Star Wars Stars

Skip right to the 3-minute mark for Darth Vader. Just do it.

Chris Jericho altercation with fan

Pro Wrestler's altercation with Victoria fan hits YouTube Pro wrestler Chris Jericho punched a woman outside Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre after a World Wrestling Entertainment bout yesterday, an altercation captured by a witness on a cellphone camera and posted on YouTube. Witnesses say the incident occurred when Jericho was surrounded by hundreds of people heckling him after he lost yesterday’s RAW Live WWE bout.

Sunday afternoon humor

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Demolition Ax selling his WWF tag team belt

100% Authentic WWF Tag Team Wrestling Championship Belt - eBay (item 360130132520 end time Feb-17-09 17:30:00 PST) Click link above for details. In case, you know, you have an extra $10,000 lying around.


This is my favourite song right now.

The Running Man

I ran 10 kilometres today. That's about 5 kilometres farther than I've ever run before. I didn't really set out to do that. I was going to run about 3 miles or so, shoot for 5K (3.1 miles). I ran the 5K and wasn't the least bit tired, so I pushed through to 4 miles. At that point, it was only another mile to 5. And at that point, I figured, heck, let's shoot for the full 6.2 miles, or 10 kilometres. It took me about 1 hour and 14 minutes to do it. I did some 10-1 intervals, but largely ran it in a rhythm of 7 minutes running and 3 minutes walking. I just hope I'm able to walk tomorrow.

Star Wars - The Imperial March ... as played on computer media

I heard the HDD version first and thought, "That's the coolest thing I've ever heard." Then I heard the floppy disc version and thought, "No, THAT is the coolest thing I've ever heard." Hard drive version first. Then floppy version.

Strikeforce buys EliteXC

Strikeforce announces acquisition of select Prolite/EliteXC assets | The long-rumored sale of many of the ill-fated ProElite organization's assets is finally complete. Rumors of the sale initially surfaced on Wednesday evening as's Josh Gross received confirmation of the transaction from ProElite Chief Executive Officer Chuck Champion. Today a press release by the California-based Striekforce organization confirmed that the company has purchased a significant portion of ProElite's assets, including some fighters' contracts and a video library of past CBS and Showtime-broadcast events. This is good news for MMA. A strong second promotion in North America is a welcome addition. Don't get me wrong - I love UFC. But a little healthy competition never hurt anyone.

Test post from Windows sidebar Blogger Buddy

As a newbie to Vista, I'm looking for stuff to put in the Sidebar. All I have so far is the weather (plus 5 in Edmonton). So I thought I'd try the Blogger buddy to see if I make any use of it.

Reader poll

Is being able to compose perfectly coherent, typo-free e-mails on a BlackBerry while running in excess of 5 mph on the treadmill an amazing talent or a total sickness?

First post with new laptop

I've spent the better part of the last three hours setting up my new laptop, migrating programs and files and stuff, and basically getting things back to where they were. Still have a lot of file migration to go, but I think I'm going to do that on a need-to basis going forward. My early impressions of Windows Vista are that it's overly complex. I think Wireless-N is very cool and amazingly fast. And it's nice to have a more modern machine.

Mike's Mini Concert Review - Michael W. Smith

In a word: Awesome.

Sunday afternoon humor

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I've never been more satisfied with the end of a fight. It was soooooo good to see Georges. St. Pierre leave BJ Penn beaten, broken and humbled. Maybe next time BJ will train more than his mouth for a fight.