The ultimate Survivor-Amazing Race TV crossover

Completely out of the blue today, my brain hit upon this thought:

One of these days, CBS must tape seasons of Survivor and The Amazing Race simultaneously. About half-way through the tapings, the Amazing Race teams all end up routed to Survivor Island. The twist in the show is that the last team to the pit stop for that leg of the race doesn't get booted from the show, but changes shows and is now on Survivor, split up and on separate tribes.

At the same time, both Survivor teams separately go to tribal council. The voted off members, however, don't go home - they are told that they have to team up and go on the rest of The Amazing Race.

It would be the ultimate twist in both games, would briefly intersect two hit TV shows, and provide at least two episodes of television (one for each show) that would be absolutely must-watch TV, particularly if CBS could pull this off spoiler-free and ensure that no one knows about it before the episodes air.

CBS can have this idea entirely for free.


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