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Survivor - Episode 11

A weird episode that left me a bit confused but I'm also running on very little sleep today, so I'm confused easily. Suffice to say that Russell ended up with his 241st hidden immunity idol and actually played it in tribal council and then received a grand total of ZERO votes which left Pavarti, who got a the second highest number of votes, rolling her eyes at Russell for wasting an idol. But it was clueless (seewhatIdidthere?) Amanda who ended up getting the boot and going home. Next week: The Villains tribe disintegrates.

Hungarian Partridge video

Of all the weird things I've put on YouTube, this video gets the most views.

The Amazing Race - Episode 10

So, the highlight of tonight's episode was the detectives missing the fact that they were standing in front of the building in which their clue said to go, and ran all over the block looking for it, and then the detectives not knowing how to do a puzzle. Detectives , you say. Remind me to commit all my crimes in your town. You guys give police officers a bad name. The Cowboys finished first. Again. They're great. The detectives came in last, but it was a non-elimination leg, so they'll get another chance to miss stuff right on front of their faces.

Sunday afternoon humor

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Krispy Kreme + KFC Double Down = You Don't Wanna Know

Krispy Kreme + KFC Double Down = You Don't Wanna Know - The Consumerist Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were to take a KFC Double Down -- the bacon sandwich that uses two pieces of fried chicken as the "bread" -- and you were to sandwich it in between two halves of a Krispy Kreme donut? Of course you haven't. Luckily, someone has. Full story, including amazingly awesomely gross picture, at the link.

New music from Downhere!

My absolutely favorite band in the world, Downhere , has a quick snippet of their upcoming single here on Amazon. I know 30 seconds isn't much to judge a song by, but I like it! Shame Amazon doesn't allow MP3 purchases in Canada. I'm guessing there's a new album coming soon? Edit: According to the Downhere messageboard, the new album is slated for the end of May. It will be 2 new singles, plus B-sides from the last two albums that were recorded in studio and not used. Considering Downhere's B-sides are better than most band's A-sides, this should be another great album. And, apparently, there's an album of new songs coming this fall. Tremendous!

Survivor - Episode 10

Another fun episode full of chicanery and deceit. Pavarti ended up playing two immunity idols during Tribal Council (her own, and Russell gave her the one he got from JT) giving one to Sandra and the other to Jerri, which saved Jerri and resulted in JT going home. I love this season. Next week: Russell is targeted for elimination. Which means, of course, that he's completely safe.

Umm... I'm still here

Yes, I've done a tiny disappearing act from the blog of late. Blame it (partly) on the beautiful weather Edmonton has enjoyed for the last few days, with temperatures in the mid-20s. Who wants to be inside on the computer?

Sunday afternoon humor

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Birthday cake

Our daughter's 16th birthday cake, from Cake Couture here in Edmonton. And it was delicious.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - Episode 9

So, as previewed last week, JT completed one of the most daring, unexpected and UTTERLY STUPID moves in Survivor history by getting Russell his individual immunity idol. Egads, the boy ain't bright. Courtney ended up getting voted out. And the crowd went mild. Next week: The tribes merge. Russell lies. EDIT: Already the Google search string "JT is an idiot survivor" has resulted in a hit on this blog. Take a bow, JT.

WWE's 'Smackdown' moving to Syfy - Los Angeles Times

WWE's 'Smackdown' moving to Syfy | Company Town | Los Angeles Times Syfy Channel has pinned a deal for "Smackdown." World Wrestling Entertainment Inc's "Smackdown," which for years was a mainstay on the UPN and CW networks before moving to News Corp.'s My Network TV, is now headed to NBC Universal's Syfy Channel, people close to the situation said. A deal, which will be announced later this week, further solidifies the growing relationship between NBC Universal and Vince McMahon's WWE. Syfy already carries the show "NXT," which is a reality program featuring wannabe wrestlers trying to make it to the big leagues of WWE. NBC Universal's USA cable channel also carries WWE programming including "WWE Raw." Although terms were not disclosed, My Network TV was shelling out roughly $20 million a year for "Smackdown." Syfy's price tag is believed to be closer to $30 million a year.

UFC 115 in Vancouver main event is:

Chuck Liddell vs. Rich Franklin . Where this leaves Tito Ortiz, no one really knows right now.

The Amazing Race - Episode 9

OK, so here's the deal: The U-Turn is a legitimate part of the Amazing Race. So if you get U-Turned, Carol and Brandy, bitching and whining and moaning about how unfair it is that you got U-Turned because Catie and Brent, don't like you just makes you look dumb. The Amazing Race is as much a social game as it is a skills game, as anyone who has watched more than 5 minutes of it can attest. Serves you right. Too bad, so sad. So, yeah, Carol and Brandy were eliminated. The brothers, Dan and Jordan, took the Fast Forward and came in first. In two weeks: teams have emotional breakdowns.

Mike's Music Review: Sixteen Cities

Sixteen Cities is a new band signed to Centricity Records (home to Downhere, amongst others) that got its start in a public school setting. Their debut album reflects that to some degree - it's light pop rock (described in the band's promo material as "modern rock") and, I dunno, maybe high school kids will like it.

WEC coming to Edmonton!

Dave Meltzer reports in his daily update today that the June 20 WEC show scheduled for Calgary will instead be in Edmonton. Hmmm ... I may just have to go. EDIT: It's confirmed . Tickets go on sale April 18.

Sunday afternoon humor

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Where to watch UFC 112 in Edmonton and Calgary

Yes, I'm a little tardy in posting this largely because I forgot this card existed. At any rate, here's my usual link for where to find a bar to watch it .

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - Episode 8

The Villains tribe descended into chaos and backstabbing, well, generally acting as BAD GUYS tonight. Oh, and they also lost both challenges, and Coach was voted out. Dragon Slayed. In other news, JT found the hidden immunity idol on the Heroes tribe. Next week: JT commits The Dumbest Move In Survivor History by giving his immunity idol to Russell. Maybe.

Skillet - Awake and Alive music video

Skillet - Awake and Alive from Ransom TV on Vimeo .

TNA changes time slots. Again.

Dixie Carter tweeted this today: "Mon Night iMPACT! moves to 8 pm ET start time on Spike each Monday w/an encore performance Thursdays at 9 pm ET. Spread the word!" TNA's last five weeks in a nutshell: "We're on Mondays against Raw! Yeah! Missed it? Thursday replay! Oh, wait, no Thursday replay. Oh, wait, yes, Thursday replay. Oh, no, actually, no Thursday replay, for real this time. Now we're an hour earlier! Special start time! Text your friends. Next week? Not sure. Watch Dixie's Twitter for details. Permanent new start time! And we're on Thursdays, too! Replay! DVR Raw everyone!"

Congressman worries Guam may tip over

As Dave Barry would say, "I am not making this up."

The Amazing Race - Episode 8

I missed last week, but apparently, every team screwed up, some more than once, and Steve and Allie end up leaving their backpacks behind at one stop. This week, the Cowboys went from worst to first, surviving their speed bump and finishing on top. And Steve and Allie ended up on the bottom and went home. Next week: It appears Team Lesbian gets U-turned.

Sunday afternoon humor

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Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - Episode 7

It was Heroes Vindication Day tonight on Survivor, as the good guys won both the reward and immunity challenges, with the storyline being Colby redeeming himself in both challenges. In the Villains camp, it came down to Russell vs. Rob, and Boston Rob got eliminated after Russell got both Jeri and Coach to waffle on the alliance. That led to a hilarious moment after Rob was eliminated when Coach tried to hug Rob, who blew Coach off with a dismissive, "You're a little man." Oooohh. Burn. Next week: The Villains tribe falls apart. Couldn't happen to a nicer group of people.