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Survivor: Treasure Island - a concept pitch to CBS

I came up with what I think is a cool concept for a new twist in Survivor that utilizes the Buffs - a staple of the game - as an actual strategic advantage in the game, if you can decipher the twist. I collated my thoughts into a Twitter moment.
⚡️ “SURVIVOR: TREASURE ISLAND concept pitch” — Mike Jenkinson (@MikeJenkinson) November 24, 2018

Our summer camper van adventures

Regular readers of my blog (no one, shurely) know we bought a used camper van last year and gave up on our fun and wonderful but slightly wacky Rav4 car camping.

We did a Mediterranean cruise!

Because I am nothing if not slothful when it comes to blogging, my wife and I took an absolutely wonderful Mediterranean cruise in the spring. It may have been the most fun and successful vacation we have ever taken, which is saying something because we have never had a bad trip.

We left from Barcelona and ended in Venice. In between we visited Monaco, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Athens and Croatia. The food and the scenery was all amazing and beautiful and absolutely lovely and I seriously have nothing to say about this trip. It was fantastic.

Here's a sample of the approximately 10 million photos we took.