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A little lens flare and a lot of blue sky

Sunday afternoon's cold blue sky in Edmonton.

Google no longer down with Vista?

I can schedule this post, but not the Google+ post

The big flaw, IMO, in the push to make Google+ a blogging platform - the lack of scheduled posts. This post, of course, was scheduled. The embedded post from Google+ wasn't, because that tool doesn't exist. Yet Google owns Blogger and Google+. Maddening.


Post by Mike Jenkinson .

Using Facebook on Paper

I need to rave more about Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts for iOS: For when you need to call Hawaii and don’t want to pay long distance charges. — Mike Jenkinson (@MikeJenkinson) February 16, 2014 I love my iPhone. But Google is showing its forward-thinking with the Google Hangouts feature of offering free phone calls to anyone, anywhere in North America through the Google Hangouts app. Its addition to the app last fall sealed my decision to disconnect our landline and become a mobile phone-only household. My wife had to call about a condo rental in Hawaii yesterday, and she did it using Google Hangouts and it cost us NOTHING. Awesome. Apple, you should really open up FaceTime Audio to have the same flexibility.