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RunKeeper - March stats - 156.59 km

So March came in like a lamb and went out ... well, like lamb on protein powder, I suppose. It wasn't a great month for me for exercising due to work. I put on just shy of 157 km in March. I probably could have pushed myself this week to do way more, but, honestly, I had hit the point where my body needed the rest more than it needed the exercise.

But I'm at 637 km for the year so far, or 32% of my 2,000 km goal. I'm quite happy with that.

I'm off to Vegas for a few days, where I'll be doing a lot of walking up and down the strip. I won't be using RunKeeper to track my distance, as I don't really want to pay a billion dollars in data roaming charges. The strip is about 3.5 miles one way, so I'll be estimating and entering some data based on that. I figure all that walking should count for something.

Survivor One World Episode 7 Spoiler Review

Skipping over the preliminaries following the merge, we go straight to the reward challenge, which re-divided the Survivors back into two temporary tribes. It was another in the endless series of obstacle course/puzzle pieces challenges. The reward was pizza and beer and a "secret note." The orange tribe won. Not the tribe with Tarzan, Jonas, Leif, Michael, and a few others. I still don't know all the names this season. Uhh ... also Sabrina. And Chelsea. The secret note told the temporary tribe that there was another hidden immunity idol at camp.

Jonas and Tarzan  had a big argument. Sadly, it wasn't over the blue bikini briefs that Tarzan was wearing.

Troyzan found the individual immunity idol very quickly.

The immunity challenge involved standing on a narrow perch while balancing balls on a wooden disc. Tarzan - the surgeon - didn't have the hand-eye-balance coordination and was quickly eliminated. It came down to Troyzan and Kat. Troyzan ended up winning, mak…

The Amazing Race 20 Episode 6 Spoiler Review

I know I'm in trouble as the preview said the teams are headed to Aberz.... Aserba ... France.

OK ... Azerbaijan. Which is going to be copied and pasted here from now on.

Well, it makes me feel a little better that the teams can't pronounce it, nevermind spell it. Everyone ended up on the same plane, headed to the Temple of Fire in Baku, Azerbaijan. The teams arrived around 4 a.m. and the temple didn't open until sunrise. So we've had bunching and bunching to start off this episode. (I fully expect someone to develop appendicitis given all the action we've had so far. I mean, we're 15 minutes in, and literally NOTHING has happened.)

So, anyway, the sun came up and the teams got their next clue that had a Fast Forward, which was stacking hay bales. Rachel/Dave (Team America) and Team Jersey Shore went for the Fast Forward. The rest of the teams took off down the highway to the next task. Mark threw up in the back seat of his cab, which  has been the most intere…

Sunday afternoon humor


Survivor One World Episode 6 Spoiler Review

The recap of last week's episode took forever, making me think that there's really nothing to tonight's episode except the medevac.

The Reward Challenge was for a trip to the Survivor Ice Cream Parlour. Colton did the "please please please" thing like he was 4. The actual task involved bouncing coconuts off a trampoline to break targets. Team Not Colton won, making Colton sad.

Salani pigged out on ice cream. The producers seemingly spent 10 minutes on them eating ice cream. Yeah, nothing is really going on in this episode.

Colton was suffering from dehydration and had a headache and stomach pain. Tarzan, who is a plastic surgeon, diagnosed it as anything from gas to appendicitis. And then ... COLTON DOWN! COLTON DOWN!

The medical team came in with Jeff. The medical team also thought it was appendicitis. Jeff told Colton that he was out of the game. Then he asked Colton what he wanted to do with the idol. They brought the tribe in to say goodbye, and amazingly, they …

The Amazing Race 20 Episode 5 Spoiler Review

When we last left the Racers, they faked us out on Mark and Bopper getting eliminated in an emotional scene.

Teams made their way to Bavaria. Team Border Patrol had a 3-hour lead on the next closest team, which in this race can be negated instantly by a clustering at an airport or whatever. Nonetheless, they were the only ones on the train into Germany. Kerri and Stacy were almost 8 hours behind the lead team, and Mark and Bopper were more than 9 hours behind and have a speed bump.

The Detour was a choice between "Fairly Tale" - following a gingerbread trail to a Hanzel and Gretel gingerbread house where they take their gingerbread and decorate a house - and "Champion Male", which involved styling mustaches and beards. Team Big Brother turned down the beard detour because Rachel didn't know what a beard is. And then she asked when they were going to Bolivia. I can't make this stuff up. He has a PhD and she probably can't spell PhD. And the line of th…

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Survivor One World Episode 5 Spoiler Review

Following the DUMBEST MOVE IN THE HISTORY OF SURVIVOR, the girls couldn't believe their luck, that the guys would forfeit immunity and even up the numbers on each tribe again. The girls all pledged to stick together no matter what. Of course, there'd be a little more drama involved in these discussions if it weren't for the fact the commercials for tonight's episode told us that they were doing a tribe switch tonight, with Colton playing both new tribes against each other.

And, sure enough, after the commercial break, Jeff tells the tribes that at the reward challenge, they're doing a random tribe switch. Well, this is going to make it way more difficult to recap the shows now that the tribes are pretty much interchangeable. So, it's going to be the Colton Tribe and the Non-Colton Tribe. The losing tribe from the reward challenge gets booted from the One World beach, sent to the new beach and has to establish a new camp. And the winning tribe gets PB&J and c…

The Amazing Race 20 Episode 4 Spoiler Review

Teams departed Paraguay for Italy. Mark and Bopper immediately were given the "Uh-oh, they're getting eliminated" edit when we learned that one of them has a very sick daughter who is on seven different respiratory medications. Their fate appeared even more doomed when they went to the airport instead of to the travel agent. And then they got on a later flight behind all the other teams. At this point, I'm thinking just eliminate them now, 10 minutes into the show, and I can go watch something else.

In Italy, teams had the opportunity to do a Fast Forward by landing a remote control helicopter on a building - the building being a model building on a helmet of the team mate. The accompanying road block was a rappel down the building - the real one, not the one on the helmet. The border patrol agents decided to go for the Fast Forward and were disappointed when it didn't involve a real helicopter and a real building. After a few failed attempts, they got the Fast …

Sunday afternoon humor


I'm never buying chocolate syrup again

I love making myself cafe mochas on the weekend. But I feel a little guilty using store bought chocolate syrup because of the sugar content and calories. The sugar-free Torani coffee syrup is fine but not spectacular. And buying special diabetic sugar-free syrup is really expensive.

This morning I found this blog with a super easy home made chocolate syrup recipe. We had some Baking Splenda in the cupboard so I substituted it for the sugar and literally (in the proper use of the word) whipped up a batch in 5 minutes.

Seriously. Kraft Dinner is more complicated.

And it's delicious, too. My afternoon mocha was great. So no more buying chocolate syrup. Sorry, Nestlé.

Survivor One World Episode 4 Spoiler Review

A quick review, as the show was on last night.

The girls won the reward challenge and got a tarp. There was lots of talk of a momentum shift but the girls' winning streak ended at three as the men won the immunity challenge. There was great drama on the men's tribe when Leif told Bill that he was next. And Bill confronted Colton who went bonkers.

Then Colton decided to give away immunity and go to Tribal Council to vote out Bill. This was met with great cries of "WHAT!?" from his tribe. Then Tarzan claimed that they should go to Tribal to vote Leif out.

And, indeed, in perhaps the single dumbest move ever in Survivor history (hey, Jeff just said it, too!), the men GAVE UP THEIR IMMUNITY to go to Tribal Council. Jeff was aghast. Then Bill called it the single dumbest move in Survivor history.

So, yeah, it's the single dumbest move in Survivor history.

After a long and emotional tribal council, Bill was dispatched from the men's tribe, after the SINGLE DUMBEST…

No Survivor review tonight

Sorry, folks. Due to a prior commitment, Survivor will have to wait a day. Hopefully, I can watch it tomorrow night on VOD and put up a short review then.

The Amazing Race 20 Episode 3 Spoiler Review

Teams flew from Argentina to Paraguay. Four teams got standby tickets on an earlier flight, giving them a 2 hour lead - Team America, the Border Patrol, Really We're Teachers and Bopper and Mark. At the Detour, teams had to stack watermelons or string a harp. All the teams stacked watermelons, except Elliot and Andrew.

The Border Patrol finished the watermelon task quickly, while the other teams struggled with crumbling pyramids. Team America (Rachel and Dave), Really We're Teachers and Mark and Bopper then decided to switch tasks.

The Roadblock involved doing a dance routine balancing a bottle on their head. Teams were given a limited quantity of bottles, and smashing all the bottles results in a 2-hour penalty. The Border Patrollers completed it without incurring the penalty. Meanwhile, back at the watermelons, Team Big Brother switched tasks partly because they were getting into a hissy fit with the Dating Divorcees, Ralph and Vanessa.

Team Border Patrol, Art and JJ, checked …

Sunday afternoon humor

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