RunKeeper - March stats - 156.59 km

So March came in like a lamb and went out ... well, like lamb on protein powder, I suppose. It wasn't a great month for me for exercising due to work. I put on just shy of 157 km in March. I probably could have pushed myself this week to do way more, but, honestly, I had hit the point where my body needed the rest more than it needed the exercise.

But I'm at 637 km for the year so far, or 32% of my 2,000 km goal. I'm quite happy with that.

I'm off to Vegas for a few days, where I'll be doing a lot of walking up and down the strip. I won't be using RunKeeper to track my distance, as I don't really want to pay a billion dollars in data roaming charges. The strip is about 3.5 miles one way, so I'll be estimating and entering some data based on that. I figure all that walking should count for something.


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