The Amazing Race 20 Episode 3 Spoiler Review

Teams flew from Argentina to Paraguay. Four teams got standby tickets on an earlier flight, giving them a 2 hour lead - Team America, the Border Patrol, Really We're Teachers and Bopper and Mark. At the Detour, teams had to stack watermelons or string a harp. All the teams stacked watermelons, except Elliot and Andrew.

The Border Patrol finished the watermelon task quickly, while the other teams struggled with crumbling pyramids. Team America (Rachel and Dave), Really We're Teachers and Mark and Bopper then decided to switch tasks.

The Roadblock involved doing a dance routine balancing a bottle on their head. Teams were given a limited quantity of bottles, and smashing all the bottles results in a 2-hour penalty. The Border Patrollers completed it without incurring the penalty. Meanwhile, back at the watermelons, Team Big Brother switched tasks partly because they were getting into a hissy fit with the Dating Divorcees, Ralph and Vanessa.

Team Border Patrol, Art and JJ, checked into the pit stop first, only 29 minutes into the episode, which is highly unusual.

Rachel and Dave, having flamed out at the watermelon challenge, went and watched other teams stringing their harps before deciding to cash in their Express Pass, which allowed them to bypass the Detour and sent them to the Roadblock. Dave quickly broke all the bottles, leaving them with a 2 hour penalty.

Team Big Brother made quick work of the harp challenge. Elliot and Andrew, one of whom is a musician, gave up on stringing the harps and decided to go stack watermelons, and then changed their mind and went back to finish the harp.

After nailing the Roadblock, Team Big Brother checked in as Team 2. Somehow, Jersey Shore finished third. Team America ended up sixth after the time penalty.

The race for last ended up between Elliot and Andrew (one of whom is a MUSICIAN!) stringing the harp, and Vanessa and Ralph doing the watermelon stacking. Both teams ended up at the Roadblock together. Ralph completed the task before Elliot but it was a (heavily edited) race to the pitstop.

Despite the attempt at tension, Vanessa and Ralph finished 8th, keeping them in the race. The Twins were eliminated.

Next week: Italy! And teams bicker. I know, it's shocking.


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