Survivor One World Episode 7 Spoiler Review

Skipping over the preliminaries following the merge, we go straight to the reward challenge, which re-divided the Survivors back into two temporary tribes. It was another in the endless series of obstacle course/puzzle pieces challenges. The reward was pizza and beer and a "secret note." The orange tribe won. Not the tribe with Tarzan, Jonas, Leif, Michael, and a few others. I still don't know all the names this season. Uhh ... also Sabrina. And Chelsea. The secret note told the temporary tribe that there was another hidden immunity idol at camp.

Jonas and Tarzan  had a big argument. Sadly, it wasn't over the blue bikini briefs that Tarzan was wearing.

Troyzan found the individual immunity idol very quickly.

The immunity challenge involved standing on a narrow perch while balancing balls on a wooden disc. Tarzan - the surgeon - didn't have the hand-eye-balance coordination and was quickly eliminated. It came down to Troyzan and Kat. Troyzan ended up winning, making him doubly safe.

Troyzan told Jonas he was being targeted for elimination. Jonas apologized to Tarzan, who then cried a little bit, as he was so moved. The other half of the tribe decided to vote for Kat. Then there was an episode involving Tarzan, a skid mark and his underwear, and so the anti-Jonas component considered taking out Tarzan.

At Tribal Council, Jonas called out Mike and declared he was voting Mike out. And then during the discussion, Jonas declared they didn't have the votes to get rid of Kat. Jonas and Tarzan had another fight. After the dust settled, it was Jonas, brother!

Next week: The girls try to make a move.


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