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Car camping in Yellowstone

Back from our car camping adventure in Yellowstone and now that I have working Internet (at home, unlike the NO SERVICE throughout the American national park), I can post a bunch of photos from the trip. Yellowstone is an absolutely gorgeous park, and the various sulphur vents, geysers and other boiling over reminders that you're sitting on top of a KILLER SUPER VOLCANO add a fascinating layer of destructive beauty on top of the lush green landscape and jagged mountain ranges. As you can see from some of the photos below, the geology of the park changes quickly from one spot to the next. There's wildlife everywhere - we saw elk, antelope, bison, wolves, coyotes, tons of birds and other critters. But for all the warnings of bears ... we didn't see a single bear. I'm not mad, Yellowstone bears, just disappointed in you. And, yes, we car camped, sleeping in the back of our Toyota Rav4. My wife sewed slip cover curtains for the windows to give us privacy and keep t