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Google Maps should tell me where to get gas

In the midst of planning a long road trip, the thought occurred to me: Why can't Google Maps tell me where to get gas?

(And, yes, I'm aware that the answer is "at a gas station." Thanks.)

Our vehicle has a trip computer that tells us how many more kilometres we can go on our tank of gas. It's very handy. And Google Maps can tell me how many more kilometres it is until the next town. Of course, that's helpful, too.

Linking those together in advance of hitting the road would be great. I'm thinking Google's smart enough to figure out that if I input the kind of car I'm driving and the speed of the highway (and I'd bet that Google already knows highway speeds), it can calculate my approximate gas mileage and compare that against my Google Maps route and tell me the most ideal place(s) to fill up with gas along that route to ensure the smoothest possible ride to our final destination without running out of gas.

For instance, if I'm driving from…

Siri, remember where I parked my car

If you have CarPlay or a Bluetooth car connection, iOS 10 is supposed to remember where you parked your car (if you're not at home).

If you have neither - and I have neither - you just have to say to Siri, "Remember where I parked my car." And she does.

Yup. I just found my favorite feature of iOS 10 (the public beta, in this case.)

No more wandering around football-field sized airport parking lots at 12:30 am after a 6-hour flight trying to remember where I parked my car. Sweet!