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Survivor Caramoan Episode 3 Spoiler Review

The show starts out after the last Tribal Council, and Shamar is having a major meltdown at camp. Cuz, you know, yelling and screaming at your tribe mates is a good way to stay in the game. Eddie and Reynold decide to try to ruffle Shamar's feathers even more so that the tribe decides to vote him out. Over at the Favorites camp, Secret Agent Man talks to the camera about his workouts and exercise in a vignette that serves no other purpose but to remind us that HE'S CRAZY! Meanwhile, Malcolm and Corinne found a hidden immunity idol without any clues. So, yeah, the producers really need to find some better hiding places than "hole in a tree." Andrea plotted to get rid of Corinne Back at the Fans camp, Shamar told everyone about the dark times he had when he came back from Iraq, and how playing Survivor brought back all the anger in his life. And he wanted to quit the game. And then he didn't quit. The immunity challenge involved a bamboo cage, a heavy chest,

The Amazing Race 22 Episode 2 Spoiler Review

Watched this on the DVR tonight, because we were watching the finals of the women's curling championships here in Canada. Teams had to take a water taxi, which didn't start operating until 7:30, so we're 2 minutes into the show and everyone is equalized already. Argh. Hate that. The Surfers chatted with the Father/Son team about the second Express Pass, but decided they weren't going to give it to them right away, and it was conditional on no one else finding out about the secret agreement. Basically, the Surfers were waiting on a better deal from another team and a lot of sucking up. The water taxis took the teams to a resort where they had to find the chapel and get a blessing, and a clue. The Detour was either harvesting pearls, or dive for a treasure trunk and construct an underwater picnic dining experience. Really. The Father/Son team raced out into first place, but didn't read their clue all the way through and, thus, left their snorkel gear on shor

Survivor Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites Episode 2 Spoiler Review

A quick review as we are in the midst of home renovations and the house is a disaster. The Favorites won immunity and reward. Shamar was on the chopping block for the fans due to his lack of work ethic. Reynold from the fans found a hidden immunity idol after approximately 9 seconds of looking and no clues. He got called out on it in Tribal Council and so he showed it to everyone. Them he said he would play it and didn't. Allie/Ally was voted out. Next week: Both camps are chaos.

The Amazing Race 22 Episode 1 Spoiler Review

It's a new season of The Amazing Race! Which means a whole bunch of new teams I'm gonna have to give nicknames to because of my inability to remember real names very well. I keep telling my wife - whassherface - that I'm great with faces, but terrible with names. Fortunately, CBS casts teams to be goofy gimmicks, by and large, so nicknames are easy to come by. (So the CBS preview before the show says 3 teams will quit before the end of the first leg? Geez, spoilers, dude.) So we have Team Alabama Mullets; (complete with the #mullet hashtag ... kill me now); Team Hockey Brothers; Team Roller Derby Moms; Team Newlyweds; Team Father/Son; Team Dating Surfers; Team Twin Docs (who are OB-GYNs); Team Best Friends; Team YouTube; Team Firefighters; and Team Country Singers. The winners of the first leg get an Express Pass, and a bonus Express Pass to be given to another team by the end of the fourth leg. The teams get their first clue and they're off to Bora Bora. Five tea

Survivor Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites Episode 1 Spoiler Review

It's a new season of Survivor - Survivor Caramoan (Survivor: Where?) Fans vs. Favorites is a fun iteration of the game, even if the name really should be "Marks vs. Gimmicks". And it's a 90 minute season premiere, meaning more time devoted to people lounging around camp. As usual, this review CONTAINS SPOILERS. If you don't want to know what happened tonight, don't read on. So the favorites include Erik, the former fan who gave away his immunity necklace in what was the DUMBEST MOVE IN SURVIVOR HISTORY, and Russell Hantz's Nephew, who DID THE EXACT SAME THING and is Russell Hantz's Nephew. Plus Secret Agent Man in his Bright Pink Underwear. And Cochran. And some former Survivors I really don't remember despite the fact I blog about every season. Apparently, the theme of the season is "people that made big mistakes". Meanwhile, I still think Caramoan is some place CBS invented. My Apple Maps doesn't list it at all. (Little Apple jo