The Amazing Race 22 Episode 2 Spoiler Review

Watched this on the DVR tonight, because we were watching the finals of the women's curling championships here in Canada.

Teams had to take a water taxi, which didn't start operating until 7:30, so we're 2 minutes into the show and everyone is equalized already. Argh. Hate that.

The Surfers chatted with the Father/Son team about the second Express Pass, but decided they weren't going to give it to them right away, and it was conditional on no one else finding out about the secret agreement. Basically, the Surfers were waiting on a better deal from another team and a lot of sucking up.

The water taxis took the teams to a resort where they had to find the chapel and get a blessing, and a clue. The Detour was either harvesting pearls, or dive for a treasure trunk and construct an underwater picnic dining experience. Really.

The Father/Son team raced out into first place, but didn't read their clue all the way through and, thus, left their snorkel gear on shore, so they had to go back to get it and lost time. The Twin Doctors freaked out about diving into the water and talked about taking the SIX HOUR penalty.

The two teams that had the 4 hours penalties from last time ended up just 90 minutes behind because of the water taxi departure time.

Team YouTube were the first ones done the oyster challenge. The Surfers and the Hockey Brothers were not far behind. From there, teams took jetskis to another island. The CBS producers played Flight of the Valkyries. Seriously.

Team Newlyweds and Country Singers decided to do the trunk task together, although it was a plot by the newlyweds to keep their competition for last place in sight.

The Roadblock was walking on stilts while kicking a coconut across a beach. And from there, it was a run to the pit stop. The Dad of the Father/Son team said he ruptured his Achilles' tendon running to the pit stop.

The Hockey Dudes were the first team to arrive. Father/Son were 2, and Surfers were third.

Meanwhile, back in the ocean, the doctors were still trying to get oysters, and failing miserably. The show's divers had to come in and rescue one of them.

Team YouTube outsprinted Team Mullet to get the fourth spot. Mullets were fifth.

Meanwhile, back in the ocean, the doctors decided it was time to do the other detour.

Meanwhile, somewhere out in the middle of the ocean, the Best Friends team got lost trying to get to the island, and travelled halfway back to California.

The Roller Derby girls were sixth.

The Newlyweds and Country Singers finished their task and jet ski'd to the island. Meanwhile, the doctors assembled their table and chairs and realized that full breathing helmets were a better idea than snorkel gear.

The Country Singers staged a big comeback and finished seventh. The Newlyweds were 8.

Pam and Winnie, the best friends, struggled with the stilts challenge after taking a 1,000 km detour on their jet ski. But they persevered and finished 9th.

Meanwhile, the doctors decided to arrive on the island. And were eliminated.

Next week: Dunno. My DVR cut out.


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