Survivor Caramoan Episode 3 Spoiler Review

The show starts out after the last Tribal Council, and Shamar is having a major meltdown at camp.
Cuz, you know, yelling and screaming at your tribe mates is a good way to stay in the game. Eddie and Reynold decide to try to ruffle Shamar's feathers even more so that the tribe decides to vote him out.

Over at the Favorites camp, Secret Agent Man talks to the camera about his workouts and exercise in a vignette that serves no other purpose but to remind us that HE'S CRAZY! Meanwhile, Malcolm and Corinne found a hidden immunity idol without any clues. So, yeah, the producers really need to find some better hiding places than "hole in a tree." Andrea plotted to get rid of Corinne

Back at the Fans camp, Shamar told everyone about the dark times he had when he came back from Iraq, and how playing Survivor brought back all the anger in his life. And he wanted to quit the game. And then he didn't quit.

The immunity challenge involved a bamboo cage, a heavy chest, and rolling tracks. Have I mentioned the challenges are getting ridiculous. The challenge was also for the reward of pillows, blankets and a tarp. The favorites won, and the only drama left on tonight's show is if Shamar goes home.

But Laura, who was a poor swimmer during the challenge, decided she was in trouble because she sucked during the challenge. A convoluted plan was concocted to try to split the vote, flush out the idol and vote off ... I'm not sure, actually. Hope, I think. Whoever that is. And Shamar told Hope the plan, which ruined the plan and made the rest of the tribe pretty upset. Laura decided again that this meant she was getting voted off, which was ridiculous considering no one knows who she is either. And everyone knows who Shamar is.

At Tribal Council, Shamar accused his tribe mates of lying and throwing him under the bus. And everyone accused Shamar of things, and Shamar said it was all untrue.

So, after all of that, guess who was voted out? NO ONE! It was a 3-way tie between Shamar, Hope and Eddie. So it was a #revote, complete with the hashtag. Oh yes, Survivor pushes Twitter pretty hard.

And after the revote, Hope was voted out. Shamar lives to scream at his tribe mates another day.

Next week: The fans hit rock bottom ... and the storm hits and they hit rock bottom ... and then the rats come.


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