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#vanlife Devon Lion's Campground

We successfully completed our first camping outing in our camper van last weekend out at the Devon Lion's Campground . Everything pretty much works fine. There's a couple of things we need to get the dealership to check, but nothing that brought the trip to a screeching halt. My wife totally loved her kitchen and being able to cook inside. Having a bathroom inside is great, too. We rigged up a bed for our daughter with a few boards and a mattress that went on top of the captains chairs. It's small, but it worked as a way to sleep a third person in the vehicle. And check out the fancy TV! There's a VCR behind the right side panel. No, really! We're planning to pull it all out and make it more storage. Next trip out in the Camper Van will be Canada Day long weekend. We plan to take Thor.

The camper van!

As previously noted,  we traded in the car camping concept for an actual camper van. We picked it up from the dealership on the weekend, and after a surprise and unfortunate mechanical issue that was quickly rectified, we now have it at home and are prepping for a summer of adventure in it. And while I'm excited about being able to do road trips in this, I was quite pleased to discover that my iPad Mini sits very nicely in the giant console between the two captains chairs and can function as our navigation and entertainment system. Watch this blog for all the fun and adventure (and hopefully no more mechanical issues) all summer long!  (Disclaimer: Blog posts will come when I have access to a laptop or real computer as Google has made it nigh impossible to use Blogger on an iPhone.)