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Looking for the perfect mobile email app

Anyone who has ever read any of my posts on technology knows I'm pretty app agnostic: I'll use whatever suits me best and if something better comes along, I'll try it out to see if it suits my style and workflow on my computer, iPhone or iPad. And because the default Mail app on iOS is pretty mediocre, I'm always on the look for a better email client. The problem is that I've never found an email client that does EVERYTHING I want, so I'm always using something that is about 90% satisfactory but still leaves me wanting that little irritating gap fixed. The latest app to hit my phone has been Spark, by Readdle. I was fortunate to get in on the beta testing of this, and it does a lot right - or, at least, it does a lot that's right for me . It has calendar integration. It allows attachments from a variety of cloud-based storage services. It as app integration. It automatically detects signatures. It allows pinning, snoozing, and has customizable long an