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iPhone 7 - First impressions

I somehow managed to score an iPhone 7 on launch day, which is classified as a near miracle in my books.

Some early first impressions:

This is the perfect size of an iPhone, IMO. The Plus size doesn't fit comfortably in one hand, and the 5S was just that little bit too small. The 6/6S/7 is basically exactly what I want in iPhone size.I have yet to try the lightning earbuds, so don't ask.I have a bigger desire to try the lightning earbuds in my iPad Mini 2 to see how they work in that gadget.Upgrading from a 5S, I've never been able to use the 3D Touch before yesterday. HEY, IT'S REALLY COOL!Battery life seems pretty impressive so far. I did resist the urge to buy the Apple battery case for this because I figured it wouldn't fit in my car bracket gizmo thingy.I have strongly mixed feelings on the new Home "Button" that's not really a button but some kind of haptic response mechanism that shakes whenever I press it but makes me feel like I'm bending…