iPhone 7 - First impressions

I somehow managed to score an iPhone 7 on launch day, which is classified as a near miracle in my books.

Some early first impressions:

  • This is the perfect size of an iPhone, IMO. The Plus size doesn't fit comfortably in one hand, and the 5S was just that little bit too small. The 6/6S/7 is basically exactly what I want in iPhone size.
  • I have yet to try the lightning earbuds, so don't ask.
  • I have a bigger desire to try the lightning earbuds in my iPad Mini 2 to see how they work in that gadget.
  • Upgrading from a 5S, I've never been able to use the 3D Touch before yesterday. HEY, IT'S REALLY COOL!
  • Battery life seems pretty impressive so far. I did resist the urge to buy the Apple battery case for this because I figured it wouldn't fit in my car bracket gizmo thingy.
  • I have strongly mixed feelings on the new Home "Button" that's not really a button but some kind of haptic response mechanism that shakes whenever I press it but makes me feel like I'm bending the phone in half and will break it. Sometimes it responds great; other times I feel like I've just voided the warranty.
  • The screen is bright, vibrant and sharp. Big thumbs up.
  • 128 GB means I can download all kinds of stuff to watch when I travel and not run out of space. Tremendous.
  • Again, having upgraded from a 5S, I now have an extra row on my screen for icons and ... I don't know what to put there... 
  • I'd been using the iOS10 beta with my 5S, so there were no great revelations in putting it on my new iPhone. The whole enhanced notification thing is the bees knees, and it's even more enhanced when you have 3D Touch.
  • For the first time ever, I restored a phone entirely from an iCloud backup, and it worked pretty much flawlessly (minus having to re-enter a few passwords here and there in apps and in Mail). That made me as happy as anything.
So, as of right now, I'm quite satisfied with the new phone. I suspect I will be even moreso the next time I travel and can put the camera through a good workout.


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