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Yes, the best Google Gmail integration on Apple's iPhone comes from Microsoft

Years ago, I migrated my entire personal email life to Gmail. That includes a couple of different Google accounts plus my primary email account that is set up on a domain that I own. It all comes to one unified inbox and it works, and I'm very happy with it. I can send and receive as my own custom domain, and can switch to the other accounts if I need to. But all the email comes to one inbox. Terrific.

It would be logical, then, that I would also use Gmail on my iPhone to maintain a high level of continuity. But the honest truth is that Gmail's iPhone app is merely fine and not great. And the best Gmail app on the iPhone actually Microsoft Outlook.

Yes, that's a little weird.

I switched back to the Gmail iOS app last week for an entire wweek to give it another try. And it mainly just frustrated me. It lacks features that virtually every other email app has (such as swipe one way on an email to archive, other way to delete). It has no calendar integration, even though Goog…

Mexican getaway

Seeing as this blog has slowly transitioned into more of a travel blog, here's some photos from our recent getaway to Mexico. We loved our resort. The weather was pretty good on the whole, and our friends from Winnipeg who joined us had a great time. A much needed getaway that didn't disappoint.

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Peacock on our deck A post shared by Mike Jenkinson (@mikejenkinson) on Jan 11, 2019 at 5:11pm PST

Las Vegas food blog! Fall 2018 edition

My lovely wife and I hit up Las Vegas again last month for my 50th birthday. Naturally, there was a lot of good food - and a bit of not so good food.

New on our list of places to try was Nacho Daddy, which is attached to the Miracle Mile Shops but only accessible from the street (that we could tell). This was the Vegas Golden Knights nacho platter. Very tasty. They serve a variety of other Mexican food, but we'd have to go back to try it as all we ate was this giant platter of nachos.
Also new was Hash House a Go Go at the Linq. It was good and the portions were enormous so my wife and I ordered one meal and split it, which turned out to be the right choice. The biscuit, surprisingly, was nothing special. The egg scramble was pretty tasty, but not as good as...
Mon Ami Gabi at Paris (where we stayed), where we each had an amazing omelette, blistered tomatoes and some deliciously crunchy and buttery sour dough bread toast. An absolutely terrific breakfast that we enjoyed on the pati…

Survivor: Treasure Island - a concept pitch to CBS

I came up with what I think is a cool concept for a new twist in Survivor that utilizes the Buffs - a staple of the game - as an actual strategic advantage in the game, if you can decipher the twist. I collated my thoughts into a Twitter moment.
⚡️ “SURVIVOR: TREASURE ISLAND concept pitch” — Mike Jenkinson (@MikeJenkinson) November 24, 2018

Our summer camper van adventures

Regular readers of my blog (no one, shurely) know we bought a used camper van last year and gave up on our fun and wonderful but slightly wacky Rav4 car camping.

We did a Mediterranean cruise!

Because I am nothing if not slothful when it comes to blogging, my wife and I took an absolutely wonderful Mediterranean cruise in the spring. It may have been the most fun and successful vacation we have ever taken, which is saying something because we have never had a bad trip.

We left from Barcelona and ended in Venice. In between we visited Monaco, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Athens and Croatia. The food and the scenery was all amazing and beautiful and absolutely lovely and I seriously have nothing to say about this trip. It was fantastic.

Here's a sample of the approximately 10 million photos we took.

#vanlife Devon Lion's Campground

We successfully completed our first camping outing in our camper van last weekend out at the Devon Lion's Campground. Everything pretty much works fine. There's a couple of things we need to get the dealership to check, but nothing that brought the trip to a screeching halt.

My wife totally loved her kitchen and being able to cook inside. Having a bathroom inside is great, too. We rigged up a bed for our daughter with a few boards and a mattress that went on top of the captains chairs. It's small, but it worked as a way to sleep a third person in the vehicle.

And check out the fancy TV! There's a VCR behind the right side panel. No, really! We're planning to pull it all out and make it more storage.

Next trip out in the Camper Van will be Canada Day long weekend. We plan to take Thor.