Yes, the best Google Gmail integration on Apple's iPhone comes from Microsoft

Years ago, I migrated my entire personal email life to Gmail. That includes a couple of different Google accounts plus my primary email account that is set up on a domain that I own. It all comes to one unified inbox and it works, and I'm very happy with it. I can send and receive as my own custom domain, and can switch to the other accounts if I need to. But all the email comes to one inbox. Terrific.

It would be logical, then, that I would also use Gmail on my iPhone to maintain a high level of continuity. But the honest truth is that Gmail's iPhone app is merely fine and not great. And the best Gmail app on the iPhone actually Microsoft Outlook.

Yes, that's a little weird.

I switched back to the Gmail iOS app last week for an entire wweek to give it another try. And it mainly just frustrated me. It lacks features that virtually every other email app has (such as swipe one way on an email to archive, other way to delete). It has no calendar integration, even though Google Calendar is a thing on iOS. It has fewer document integration options than Outlook and other leading email apps. Outlook also has way more 3D Touch options on the iPhone than does the Gmail app.

Outlook is not only a better Gmail app on the iPhone, it's better at integrating Google's services on iPhone that Google.

(And don't get me started on how Apple's Mail app is utterly inferior...)
If you wish to read basically the same point on Twitter, start with this tweet and follow the thread. This was the inspiration for the blog post.


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