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Dear @Hurley ... what were you thinking!?

I love Hurley clothing. Really. I own a hoodie, and numerous T-shirts. But this? THIS!? REALLY!? "Hey! You know what would make an awesome shirt? A skull with a pineapple on it!" Said no one ever. — Mike Jenkinson (@MikeJenkinson) March 29, 2014 Impressively, Hurley acknowledged this post: @MikeJenkinson We appreciate your thoughts Mike! Have an awesome day. — Hurley (@hurley) April 1, 2014

Twitter's iPhone app finally pushing some innovation

Twitter's iOS app now has the ability to include up to 4 photos per tweet, and tag people in those photos. Here's what a tweet looks like with 4 pictures included. Bottom example includes tags. Twitter for iOS gets the ability to post up to 4 pictures at a time. The pics don't have to be of cats. — Mike Jenkinson (@MikeJenkinson) March 27, 2014 Gotta admit ... I love this multiple photo uploading/tagging feature. — Mike Jenkinson (@MikeJenkinson) March 28, 2014

Remember when you'd fall asleep to the TV and wake up to a test pattern?

Netflix has you covered.

Blue skies

Nothing like a high pressure system: cold, but gorgeous blue sky.

My first tweet. It made me laugh.

I feel like this could be EVERY TWEET I'VE EVER MADE: Working. — Mike Jenkinson (@MikeJenkinson) August 19, 2008

It turns out the secret to weight loss is to eat less and exercise more

Shot of the High Level Bridge in Edmonton

Taken Friday afternoon:

A sure sign of spring

The return of lots of birds to the sky! I captured this on the weekend at the tail end of the massive influx.

Got a text from 999-999-9999...

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