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Five aces. Best poker hand ever!

Found this on a messageboard I frequent. Judging from the comments, the players were just as surprised.

UFC 101: Forrest Griffin vs. Anderson Silva

The MMA world is abuzz today with the news that the August UFC PPV will be co-main evented by UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva moving up to 205 lbs to take a (non-title) fight with former lightheavyweight champion Forrest Griffin. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who isn't excited by this fight, but surely I'm in the minority. Here's my problems with it: It puts Silva's middleweight title on ice until at least late fall, and more likely until the end of the year. Sure, Silva's coming off two boring fights and needs his marketability rehabbed pronto, but that's no excuse for forcing middleweight contenders to sit on the sidelines, waiting for Silva to defend his belt again. There's no upside to Forrest taking this fight. It's a non-title fight. If Griffin wins, it's not like he's moving down to 185 lbs. to fight Silva for the title. If Griffin loses, it makes it harder for UFC to put him back in the 205 lbs. title picture.

Sunday afternoon humor

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Bonus Friday afternoon humor!

Moving on to the Case Of Muffet V. Spider ... Father to son in stroller: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall; Humpty Dumpty had a great fall; Humpty Dumpty hired a great lawyer; Humpty Dumpty sued the pants of the wall maker. K Street Washington, DC via Overheard Everywhere , Apr 23, 2009

Former WWE star Bobby Lashley to fight in Edmonton

MFC 21: Bobby Lashley to debut against Mike Cook on May 15 at UFC blog for UFC news, results, videos, rumors, fights, pics and tickets — Prior to his June 27 pay-per-view fight against Bob Sapp for Prize Fight Promotions], former WWE star Bobby “The Dominator” Lashley will step into the MFC ring on Friday, May 15 at MFC 21: “Hard Knocks” live from the River Cree Resort and Casino and airing live throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico on HDNet Fights. I gotta say ... good on MFC for getting him for this fight. I'm impressed.

Wait....Toronto has an NHL franchise?

Adding a second National Hockey League franchise in the Toronto area isn't on the league's radar, according to the NHL's front office.

Skillet's new song, Monster

From their forthcoming album. Quality is as good as it gets for YouTube, really.

I want one of these right now!

Belkin Nubbin Turns Car-Lighter Socket into USB Port | Gadget Lab from I’m pretty intrigued by Belkin’s new widgets which slip into the 12v socket and turn it into a USB port, enabling it to charge pretty much every gadget ever.

The WWE hates Montreal, part MXVIII

London Bound...Bret Hart...Chuck Liddell...Retirement Rumors Galore...Awesome Midnight Express Book | J.R.'s Family Bar-B-Q The fans booed the amazing Anderson Silva Saturday night for not brawling with his opponent which showed how many casual/uninformed fans were in attendance.

Sunday afternoon humor

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Hard to believe that a $65 dog bowl failed.

Bike Designer Fails To Find Fortune With High-End Dog Bowl | Gadget Lab from MONTEREY, Calif. -- This carbon fiber dog bowl by bike designer Sky Yaeger was supposed to be her ticket to a new career – but despite being beautifully made, her $65 Splash-N-Go dog bowl is just not selling.

Where to watch UFC 97 in Edmonton and Calgary

My (semi) regular post on where to find a bar to watch tonight's UFC 97 PPV. The link is here .

Just remember, kids, nothing on the Internet is ever really private...

Documents: FBI Spyware Has Been Snaring Extortionists, Hackers for Years | Threat Level from The documents, which are heavily redacted, do not detail the CIPAV's capabilities, but an FBI affidavit in the 2007 case indicate it gathers and reports a computer's IP address; MAC address; open ports; a list of running programs; the operating system type, version and serial number; preferred internet browser and version; the computer's registered owner and registered company name; the current logged-in user name and the last-visited URL.

The Hockey Mask and Mug Of Syrup Were Also Excellent Clues

The Hockey Mask and Mug Of Syrup Were Also Excellent Clues Student #1: So what do you think, eh? Student #2: Are you Canadian? Student #1: Why in the world are you asking me that? Is it because I said "eh"? Student #2: Well, yeah. Student #1: That is a total misconception! Not all Canadians end sentences with the word "eh"! I can't believe you think that! Student #2: (thinking it over) So are you? Student #1: Canadian? Yes. Wabash Chicago, Illinois Overheard by: Laughing as I pass via Overheard Everywhere , Apr 14, 2009

Skillet: A Day in the Life of a Show

Time-lapse videos are nothing new, but that doesn't make this any less fun to watch.

Sunday afternoon humor

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GSP vs. BJ Penn on Spike a big fat failure turtle

So ... Spike has spent weeks hyping up the free showing of the January PPV last night by saying, "It was the fight that was supposed to settle the score ... and ended in controversy. Did Georges. St. Pierre use illegal grease to score his victory over BJ Penn? See for yourself as UFC presents UFC 94 ... blah, blah, blah" And they even used still photos of the cornerguy holding a jar of Vaseline near GSP's back. Then, during the broadcast last night, they cut out all the between round stuff to air commercials. They never aired the commission guy telling GSP's corner to wipe him off. They never showed any of the "breathing techniques". In short, they built this up as your chance to determine for yourself whether GSP cheated or not, and then NEVER SHOWED ANY OF THE SUPPOSEDLY INCRIMINATING FOOTAGE that happened between rounds. Seriously .... this was as bait and switch as it gets. Fine - you got to see a PPV card for free on TV. But if you hadn't seen the o

Happy Easter!

A tale of two bank branches

My wife and I scooted over to the closest branch of a major bank today (an entirely different bank than the one we have all of our money with) to get a line of credit. We were quickly told that the loan officer was booked up for the day. And wasn't in on Monday. And that the only time we could get an appointment that fit our schedule was late next Thursday. I said out loud that maybe we should try the other branch of the same bank just down the street. We were told that branch has the same hours, only only one loan officer and that we'd get in no sooner at that branch than at this one. During this entire time, the person with whom we were dealing did not invite us to sit down while she looked over the calendar - instead she allowed us to stand awkwardly in front of her office while she shuffled about checking people's schedules. She did not inquire in any great detail about what we were looking for or why. She heard "loan" and she knew we couldn't be helped th

First rainbow of 2009


A Better Way - Downhere

An appropriate song for Good Friday.

My birthday isn't until November, but you can start planning now

Cocoa Pipe Lets You Literally Inhale Chocolate | Gadget Lab from Chocolate can be addictive, and eating it is fattening -- which is why a Harvard professor has helped create a cigarette-like chocolate inhaler that allows users to take a puff of their favorite treat whenever they want. The product, called Le Whif, is a way to get chocolate without the calories, says David Edwards, a professor at Harvard University and the lead inventor of the product. And it is an experiment and adventure in gastronomy.

Crazy MMA knockout!

Wrestlemania 25 live coverage

My good friend Scott Keith is doing live coverage of Wrestlemania here . The UT-Shawn Michaels match was an easy 5 stars. Just a tremendous, fantastic match. Nice to see that Scott agrees.


It turns out my live Twittering of the WWE HOF last night resulted in me basically spamming Facebook with status updates, because I have Twitter update my Facebook status. And that resulted in the news feed of all my friends being filled with nothing but my tweets. Frankly, I blame Facebook for allowing this to happen.

Sunday afternoon humor


WWE Hall of Fame 2009 Liveblog/Twitter!

Welcome to my liveblogging and Twittering of the WWE Hall of Fame 2009 webcast from While we kill time, here's the link to last year's liveblog . I've never Twittered and liveblogged at the same time, so this will be an interesting experiment. The Score is supposed to be showing the USA network portion of the show tomorrow (Sunday) at 5 eastern time, I think. Check local listings would be the suggestion (4:35 p.m.) Meanwhile, TSN is supposed to be showing the world men's curling championships, but it's delayed. (4:36 p.m.) Waiting ... (4:58 p.m.) Feed is buffering from (5 p.m.) I'm getting great audio and not so great video. Which, I suppose, is fine, considering the HOF involves people standing in front of a microphone. (5:01) Love the "How on earth are you gonna stop this guy!" from Gorilla Monsoon in the Shawn-UT video. (5:03) Here we go! The HOF is on and live! (5:03) Opening with the Funks. This should be fun. (5:06) Holy crap, th

It's Wrestlemania weekend!

It's Wrestlemania 25 weekend, which means the Hall of Fame tonight and the big show tomorrow. I've decided due to the poor build up of the card that I'm not going to see it live tomorrow, but will save my money for the DVD. However, I do plan to live blog and Twitter the Hall of Fame webcast tonight because that was fun to do last year, and resulted in an enormous increase in my page views, which is always good. Watch for that starting around 5 p.m. Alberta time tonight.

Chuck Liddell hypnotizes UFC audience