GSP vs. BJ Penn on Spike a big fat failure turtle

So ... Spike has spent weeks hyping up the free showing of the January PPV last night by saying, "It was the fight that was supposed to settle the score ... and ended in controversy. Did Georges. St. Pierre use illegal grease to score his victory over BJ Penn? See for yourself as UFC presents UFC 94 ... blah, blah, blah" And they even used still photos of the cornerguy holding a jar of Vaseline near GSP's back.

Then, during the broadcast last night, they cut out all the between round stuff to air commercials. They never aired the commission guy telling GSP's corner to wipe him off. They never showed any of the "breathing techniques".

In short, they built this up as your chance to determine for yourself whether GSP cheated or not, and then NEVER SHOWED ANY OF THE SUPPOSEDLY INCRIMINATING FOOTAGE that happened between rounds.

Seriously .... this was as bait and switch as it gets. Fine - you got to see a PPV card for free on TV. But if you hadn't seen the original PPV and bought the hype from Spike on this and went to watch it determined to catch GSP's corner cheating, well, you were entirely out of luck, because UFC and/or Spike never showed any of that on TV.


(And, for the record, I think BJ Penn's complaints about this fight and the "greasing" are ludicrous.)


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