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Fat Arse said…

Hey, that's a beautiful child. Congrats. Got four of my own and all they seem to do is talk back (in good ways) - enjoy this period - it passes oh so quickly.

Like to express my thanks for removing that item we talked about earlier this afternoon. Know you were very busy - I appreciate you taking the time.

Ironically, your blog was the first ever one I had ever read. Believe I came across your name via an article you had posted in your old life as a reporter - within minutes I had linked to this blog. Evidently I decided, right then and there, to start my own blog career!


So, in closing, thanks a lot! You are the one I always blame for my new blogging hobby! (just kidding) Should you ever wish see what you started go visit:



Though I know we were never on the same page in our classes (i.e. ideologically speaking) I always thought you were a sincere guy. Glad to hear you are now in a position you enjoy.

Take care.

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