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A week with Wordflow

I spent this past week using Wordflow, Microsoft's new iOS keyboard app. (I had to download it from the US store, which was another matter entirely, as it's not in the Canadian store.) I've been using SwiftKey for a long while now and really like it, but considering Microsoft now owns Swiftkey and I figure eventually there's only going to be one main MS-owned keyboard app, I should give what I suspect will be the "winner" a test run. Overall, I like it. I think Wordflow does a much better job of predicting my next word than SwiftKey does. Wordflow is also way better at the "swiping" style of typing than is Swiftkey. And while I think Wordflow's "corner keyboard" one-hand typing gimmick is just that - a gimmick - it's probably going to be a popular gimmick.  The big downside? I type a lot slower on this keyboard than I do on SwiftKey. I am not sure why that is yet but I suspect I'm just not used to the layout of some of