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TV watching: No Survivor reviews anymore, plus Agents of SHIELD gets me hooked

iOS7 is really slick

App Review: Calendars 5 by Readdle

The good people at Readdle were kind enough to hook me up with an advance copy of their iOS new calendar app, Calendars 5, which releases today in iTunes. You will be able to find lots of reviews that will talk about the features and such of the app, and Readdle wrote a blog detailing its features . I wanted to write about my experience because, as I've noted in the past, I find too many tech bloggers tend to merely rewrite the press release without playing with the app and putting it in some context. I used Readdle's now-discontinued app, Calendars+ for a few weeks after getting it on a promotional deal for free (it was a $6.99 app). For the most part, I enjoyed it. It was my first venture in using anything other than the default Calendar iPhone app (which I had synced to my Google Calendar so I could access it on my browser). But that experience with Calendars+ got me investigating other calendar apps for my iPhone. I used Tempo's Smart Calendar for a while,

Automatically share from Blogger to Google+

As noted on the Blogger blog today, Blogger users can now automatically have their blog posts cross-posted to their Google+ accounts. And, we found out yesterday, Google+ posts can now be embedded in Blogger. It would seem that the merging of the two services is well underway. Click the link to read more:

New iPhones! Star Trek! Big Bang Theory! SO MUCH GEEKING OUT!

A rant about the #UFC light-heavyweight title situation

Oh BlackBerry. Why can't you do anything right?

Post by Mike Jenkinson .

[VIDEO] We have some pretty awesome sunrises in Edmonton

From my YouTube channel: A video I shot of the sunrise in Edmonton on August 20. The colors are spectacular. The YouTube capture app has (for the most part) become my default video recording app on my iPhone. It makes it easy to shoot and upload video all from the same app. Worth a try if you shoot a lot of video for YouTube.

Google Voice #Fail

From June. I don't have Siri with the iPhone 4, so I use Google Voice on the Google search app for queries. And then this happened... Post by Mike Jenkinson .

My most "liked" photo on #Instagram is...

This one. From just last week. With a whopping SEVENTEEN! Hey, I'm a social media star.

More proof that everything is better with bacon

From Google+: Maple bacon mini donuts!

My triumphant return to Blogger begins with ... a Google+ crosspost?

Following the #blogsofAugust experiment, I'm back to blogging on my Blogger hosted site again, but expect to see a lot more cross pollination of my social media networks on here, beginning with this post from Google+ in early August. Because, honestly, I didn't miss Blogger as much as I thought I would, and I got way more bang for my social media buck on Google+ than I anticipated. So I'm probably going to spend a lot more time there and a lot less time here. Right now, I'm thinking that this will become my "Greatest Hits" compilation from Google+, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follow me on Google+ here: Or use the G+ badge on the right-hand side of the page. Mike Jenkinson 49 minutes ago How to crosspost from Google+ to Blogger Here's a neat trick I discovered when Googling around for ways to basically crosspost your Google+ posts back to Blogger. Details are here: