My triumphant return to Blogger begins with ... a Google+ crosspost?

Following the #blogsofAugust experiment, I'm back to blogging on my Blogger hosted site again, but expect to see a lot more cross pollination of my social media networks on here, beginning with this post from Google+ in early August. Because, honestly, I didn't miss Blogger as much as I thought I would, and I got way more bang for my social media buck on Google+ than I anticipated. So I'm probably going to spend a lot more time there and a lot less time here. Right now, I'm thinking that this will become my "Greatest Hits" compilation from Google+, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Mike Jenkinson
How to crosspost from Google+ to Blogger

Here's a neat trick I discovered when Googling around for ways to basically crosspost your Google+ posts back to Blogger.

Details are here:

Essentially, you take the link from the Google+ post and run it through SocialDitto, which turns it into embeddable HTML code. Then create a new blog post, switch to the HTML setting and paste the code. Voila! (French for "Voila!") Your Google+ post is now posted onto Blogger.

Click the link below to see what it looks like. I did it on my "test blog" that I use for such purposes so as to not clutter up my real blog with potentially failed experiments:

What do you think? Is this a good way to blog on both Google+ and Blogger at the same time?

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