The Amazing Race 20 Episode 4 Spoiler Review

Teams departed Paraguay for Italy. Mark and Bopper immediately were given the "Uh-oh, they're getting eliminated" edit when we learned that one of them has a very sick daughter who is on seven different respiratory medications. Their fate appeared even more doomed when they went to the airport instead of to the travel agent. And then they got on a later flight behind all the other teams. At this point, I'm thinking just eliminate them now, 10 minutes into the show, and I can go watch something else.

In Italy, teams had the opportunity to do a Fast Forward by landing a remote control helicopter on a building - the building being a model building on a helmet of the team mate. The accompanying road block was a rappel down the building - the real one, not the one on the helmet. The border patrol agents decided to go for the Fast Forward and were disappointed when it didn't involve a real helicopter and a real building. After a few failed attempts, they got the Fast Forward and headed to the pit stop where they were Team No. 1. To no one's surprise.

Following the rappel, teams headed to an auto museum to search for the Tin Lizzie, containing their next clue.

Meanwhile, Mark and Bopper continued their inevitable drive towards elimination, having been flustered by that complicated Italian language that wasn't like English.

The clue in the Tin Lizzie contained a 2-cent Euro coin. The teams had to figure out they wanted the building on the coin. Team Big Brother had no idea what to do with the coin and fought.I think at one point she threatened to call off the engagement. And he threatened to quit the race. Team America, Dave and Rachel, spent pretty much the entire leg arguing. Well, Dave kept arguing. Rachel kept trying to keep the peace.

The Detour was a choice between "Clean that Statue" and - proving Amazing Race producers just got out of junior high - "Name that Salami." Team Big Brother took the salami option. There were 14 salamis to taste. I can't fathom why anyone would think that would be easier than scrubbing dirt off a statue.

Dave and Rachel finished second, and Dave proclaimed the leg "a complete and utter failure." Quite the motivator, this Dave. Rachel of Big Brother threatened to end her salami tasting hell by jumping in front of a car, and then declared that Amazing Race was supposed to be fun (apparently she's never watched the show) and threatened to quit again, saying that this wasn't like Big Brother. I'm convinced she's never watched any TV of any kind. Ever. Except Big Brother. Let's put her on Survivor now, just for giggles.

But they didn't quit, didn't throw themselves in front of vehicles, and finished sixth. Kerry and Stacey finished seventh.

So, Mark and Bopper finished last. The Border Patrol guys had each won $5,000 for finishing first, and they split the money with Mark for his daughter, which was really sweet. And then there was a giant swerve and it was a non-elimination leg, and they're still in the race. The Border Patrol guys did not ask for their money back.


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