Survivor One World Episode 4 Spoiler Review

A quick review, as the show was on last night.

The girls won the reward challenge and got a tarp. There was lots of talk of a momentum shift but the girls' winning streak ended at three as the men won the immunity challenge. There was great drama on the men's tribe when Leif told Bill that he was next. And Bill confronted Colton who went bonkers.

Then Colton decided to give away immunity and go to Tribal Council to vote out Bill. This was met with great cries of "WHAT!?" from his tribe. Then Tarzan claimed that they should go to Tribal to vote Leif out.

And, indeed, in perhaps the single dumbest move ever in Survivor history (hey, Jeff just said it, too!), the men GAVE UP THEIR IMMUNITY to go to Tribal Council. Jeff was aghast. Then Bill called it the single dumbest move in Survivor history.

So, yeah, it's the single dumbest move in Survivor history.

After a long and emotional tribal council, Bill was dispatched from the men's tribe, after the SINGLE DUMBEST MOVE IN SURVIVOR HISTORY.


Sneighke said…
It's not often you see Jeff speechless and shaking his head! Actually, so was I!
They could have EASILY blindsided Colton because there was no way he would have felt the need to play the idol. They blew it. Colton thinks he's the queen bee. Well, guess I'm aghast... They could have eliminated the immunity idol they know he has, and removed his "power". Oh well.

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