The Amazing Race 20 Episode 5 Spoiler Review

When we last left the Racers, they faked us out on Mark and Bopper getting eliminated in an emotional scene.

Teams made their way to Bavaria. Team Border Patrol had a 3-hour lead on the next closest team, which in this race can be negated instantly by a clustering at an airport or whatever. Nonetheless, they were the only ones on the train into Germany. Kerri and Stacy were almost 8 hours behind the lead team, and Mark and Bopper were more than 9 hours behind and have a speed bump.

The Detour was a choice between "Fairly Tale" - following a gingerbread trail to a Hanzel and Gretel gingerbread house where they take their gingerbread and decorate a house - and "Champion Male", which involved styling mustaches and beards. Team Big Brother turned down the beard detour because Rachel didn't know what a beard is. And then she asked when they were going to Bolivia. I can't make this stuff up. He has a PhD and she probably can't spell PhD. And the line of the night goes to my 14-year-old daughter, who responded to the family member who declared Rachel is stupid by saying, "Rachel isn't stupid. She's dumb!"

Mark and Bopper's speed bump involved them yodeling a specific song. Considering they need closed captioning to understand them in English ... comedy ensued.

Team Border Patrol were the first to finish the Detour and had to find the Sleeping Beauty Castle. From there, it was off to an ice hockey/curling rink.

Vanessa and Ralph, who earlier in the show admitted to having trouble keeping relationships together in the past, argued and bickered and showed why they have trouble keeping relationships together.

Rachel and Dave and the Federal Agents went to the wrong castle, paid for a tour and lost valuable time.

Meanwhile, at the curling rink, teams had to curl their gnome into the "bullseye." What Canadians would call "the button."

The Border Patrollers once again came in first place. Phil asked them to withdraw from the race to give others a chance. No, really, he did. Team Jersey Shore finished second. Vanessa and Ralph were third. Rachel and Dave were fourth. Brendon and Rachel, Team Big Brother, were Team 5, and Brendon took a tremendous bump off some manure.

The Federal Agents Pretending to be Kindergarten Teachers did more than 180 slides of their gnome to finally hit the button.

Bopper and Mark finished 6th to stay in the race. Good comeback for them.

Nary and Jamie, the Not Really Kindergarten Teachers, were 7th. Kerri and Stacy were eliminated from the race.

Next week: Fire. Water. And spa treatments.


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