The Amazing Race 20 Episode 6 Spoiler Review

I know I'm in trouble as the preview said the teams are headed to Aberz.... Aserba ... France.

OK ... Azerbaijan. Which is going to be copied and pasted here from now on.

Well, it makes me feel a little better that the teams can't pronounce it, nevermind spell it. Everyone ended up on the same plane, headed to the Temple of Fire in Baku, Azerbaijan. The teams arrived around 4 a.m. and the temple didn't open until sunrise. So we've had bunching and bunching to start off this episode. (I fully expect someone to develop appendicitis given all the action we've had so far. I mean, we're 15 minutes in, and literally NOTHING has happened.)

So, anyway, the sun came up and the teams got their next clue that had a Fast Forward, which was stacking hay bales. Rachel/Dave (Team America) and Team Jersey Shore went for the Fast Forward. The rest of the teams took off down the highway to the next task. Mark threw up in the back seat of his cab, which  has been the most interesting thing on the show so far. At the Fast Forward, Rachel and Dave - wait for it - were critical of each other. Dave just randomly dropped hay bales on Rachel while she tried stacking all of them.

At the Road Block, teams had to do a helicopter crash rescue training exercise. It looked like a task more suited to Fear Factor.

Rachel and Dave won the Fast Forward, forcing Jersey Shore back to the Route Marker and into last place. They were, of course, Team. No. 1. They each won a new car.

The helicopter crash victims then made their way to a carpet shop. The Detour was a choice between "Apples" and "Oil." The first involved rummaging through a ton of apples to find one marked with a race flag, which is exchanged for their next clue. The latter involved scrubbing off a person who had been soaking in crude oil. OK, I live in Alberta and we have lots of oil, too, and I've never heard of soaking in crude oil. But I'm thinking there could be a market for this now.

Mark puked again in his cab. Why are we only finding this out now?

So the teams scraped oil off people and dug through apples. It was fascinating. And a little weird.

Art and JJ were the second team to make it at the pit stop. Their streak is over, but with a Fast Forward in play, they're really still on top. Mark and Bopper were third. Team Big Brother was fourth. Not Kindergarten Teachers were fifth. Vanessa and Ralph were sixth.

Team Jersey Shore came in last and were eliminated.

I'm really hungry. Maybe some cheese and crackers.


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