Survivor One World Episode 6 Spoiler Review

The recap of last week's episode took forever, making me think that there's really nothing to tonight's episode except the medevac.

The Reward Challenge was for a trip to the Survivor Ice Cream Parlour. Colton did the "please please please" thing like he was 4. The actual task involved bouncing coconuts off a trampoline to break targets. Team Not Colton won, making Colton sad.

Salani pigged out on ice cream. The producers seemingly spent 10 minutes on them eating ice cream. Yeah, nothing is really going on in this episode.

Colton was suffering from dehydration and had a headache and stomach pain. Tarzan, who is a plastic surgeon, diagnosed it as anything from gas to appendicitis. And then ... COLTON DOWN! COLTON DOWN!

The medical team came in with Jeff. The medical team also thought it was appendicitis. Jeff told Colton that he was out of the game. Then he asked Colton what he wanted to do with the idol. They brought the tribe in to say goodbye, and amazingly, they didn't all spit in his face and kick him.

Well, I think it's safe to say that he'll be back on a future season.

And given that Colton's gone from the game, are we even going to have another elimination tonight? What's the point of the last 15 minutes of the show? Also, how do I tell 2 teams apart now?

OK, apparently both teams are going to Tribal Council tonight. They all assumed they were going to vote of one person from each tribe.

Both teams ended up at Tribal Council together. And then out of nowhere, they merged. So it's back to One World after doing an unnecessary tribe switch last week. I swear they're making it up as they go this season.



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