Another "first world" complaint

The Internet was aghast this week at the new Facebook Terms of Service, which had a half-life of approximately 2 hours before Facebook sheepishly revoked them and decided that they didn't allegedly want the rights to your content in perpetuity anymore.

I mean, I had friends who were considering quitting Facebook at the thought that Facebook was going to own the rights to their photos forever.

Two thoughts on this:

1) This is a first world complaint. I'm sure the starving kids in Africa are really sympathetic here. Only we who have so much leisure time on our hands could be bothered to get upset over something that in the big picture is so meaningless.

2) Frankly, I'd like to see Facebook (or Google or any other big Internet company) try to win a PR battle by litigating some poor teenager over something like this. These kinds of terms of service would never stand up in a court of law, and I'm always amazed that people get so bent out of shape over it. See point 1.


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