Ol' MacDonald had a campground ... still

We took our second trip out to the Ol' Macdonald Resort over the Canada Day long weekend, and the highlights were a beaver, and pizza sandwiches.

Which is to say that the resort was nice, too, but we knew that. They'd decked out the main drag with a giant Canadian flag, but sadly, it ripped apart in a rain storm on Canada Day Eve, so we were greeted on July 1with the flag hanging in tatters.

I have to say ... I know we Canadians are quite a quietly patriotic lot, but I was quite impressed with the fact that nearly everyone at the campground had some kind of Canadian flag paraphernalia - either a hat, shirt, rub-on tattoo, flags or whatnot. All day Friday, we saw folks looking very Canada Day festive, which was nice. For our part, we flew our Canadian flag ... beach towel.

Hey, it was something!

We arrived Wednesday night, and it was still pretty quiet around the resort on Thursday as we wandered around the property.

That's when we ran into the beaver, which was hanging around by the boat docks, minding its own business and enjoying the sun. It was quite content to ignore us as we watched it. Sadly, the huge increase in people over the long weekend drove the beaver ... well, somewhere, as we never saw it again after Thursday. Still, it was a real treat to see our national symbol on the Canada Day long weekend.

And, of course, it wouldn't be camping without some wacky cooking alternatives. We do love our pie iron, and our great culinary accomplishment this time was pizza sandwiches - cheese, pepperoni and sauce between two pieces of bread and then nicely baked in the campfire. They were delicious. Seriously. Best thing we've ever made while camping. My lovely wife then made herself a pie iron sandwich with nothing more than an egg in it. She said it was good. I declined to try it.
Mmmm... pizza sandwiches

So, all in all, a very nice time despite some very cold evenings and a fair bit of overnight rain. We really enjoy this campground (although it could use more shower facilities) and will keep going back.


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