TweetDeck: Goodbye Hello scheduled updates!

Tweetdeck updated its various applications today, and the big news was that the service is dead.

As noted in the screenshot here, is going to be removed from all the TweetDeck services. Which is fine. was interesting - it allowed you to post more than 140 character updates to Twitter. But unless you used TweetDeck, the long update showed in your Twitter stream as a 140-character tweet that included a link to the TweetDeck website where the entire longer update could be read. (TweetDeck would automatically show posts as long tweets within the app.)

It was cool, but it was not a make-or-break feature of TweetDeck.

The good news is that Chrome TweetDeck now has SCHEDULED UPDATES! This is a great move, as scheduled updates are my favorite feature of HootSuite (and desktop TweetDeck). So, YAY!

Also worth nothing: The announcement that their apps were updated today was the first time TweetDeck has updated its Twitter account since August 2.


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