Testing the new Blogger app

This is just a test of the new Blogger app from Google. It's the official app, replacing the unofficial paid app that is currently on sale for $2.99.

So far, it appears to have far fewer features than the paid app, but we'll see how it develops. And it appears the only place you can put a photo is under the text. Yeah. It needs some work.
TWO DAYS LATER UPATE: Well, I've taken this app off my main page and stuck it in one of my "Social Media" folders on my iPhone, and have returned the BlogPress app I paid for back to its prominent spot on my home screen. Google's got the germ of a good app here, but fundamentally, it doesn't do anything that you couldn't already do by setting up the "publish to blog via email" feature that's already built into the main Blogger site. This app can't schedule posts, it can't upload video, it can't move where the picture goes, it can't add hyperlinks.... it's basically what you'd expect the app to be if it came out in, oh, 2008. But it's 2011, and it's miles and miles behind the BlogPress app, which doesn't even get updated with new features that often.

So Google needs to either pour some resources into this and turn it into the best mobile blogging platform there is, or just buy the BlogPress app and rebrand it.


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