Survivor: South Pacific Episode 2 Review

Ozzy pulled a Russell by finding a hidden immunity idol without a clue. Obviously, the producers either need to hide them better or take them out of the game given how quickly players go scrambling for them when they land on the beach. Ozzy promised that this time, he'd use the idol to his advantage. Unlike last time.

Russell Hantz's Nephew decided to tell Coach that he's Russell Hantz's Nephew. Which I'm pretty sure will turn out to be the dumbest move of the game. But I've been wrong before.

Russell Hantz's Nephew also decided he didn't like Mikalya because she was pretty. And acted pretty. And he's married. So she has to go. Obviously. I'm starting to think this game has passed me by. For her part, Mikayla - the lingerie football player and Playboy cover girl - declared she's not a girly-girl. Obviously.

Team Ozzy won the immunity/reward challenge, keeping them from tribal council and sending them to camp with comfy bedding.

Coach targeted Christine for elimination because she called him a temporary player on day 1 and because she spent a lot of time looking for the hidden immunity idol.

Russell Hantz's Nephew told Coach of his desire to vote out Mikayla because she reminds him of Pavarti, "who screwed many a man." Ba-zing! Coach decided that maybe Russell Hantz's Nephew has some demons, perhaps in part to being Russell Hantz's Nephew.

At Tribal Council, Coach basically called out Russell Hantz's Nephew on his tall tale about who was voting for Mikayla. Although he didn't mention Russell Hantz's Nephew by name. But Russell Hantz's Nephew's conscience got the best of him and he confessed it was his plan.

After all that, Christine was sent to Redemption Island. She looked surprised. Coach looked pleased. Mikayla looked seductively at Russell Hantz's Nephew (no, not really).

Next week: Coach's tribe thinks Russell Hantz's may be a jerk.


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