Survivor South Pacific Episode 3 Review

It's Survivor. Now in glorious HD at our house.

The first duel between Semhar and Christine began with Semhar doing some "spoken word" that calmed her and annoyed everyone else. The duel involved balancing a little wooden totem on a pole to which they had to add sections. Semhar was eliminated. Christine stays alive.

So Russell Hantz's Nephew decided to tell his tribe he's Russell Hantz's Nephew. Well, he's doomed.

Ozzy told Keith he has the idol. Keith promptly told Whitney. Well, Ozzy's doomed.

Mikayla confronted Russell Hantz's Nephew about the vendetta. Russell Hantz's Nephew called a tribe meeting and proceeded to proclaim he wanted no part of the drama. Irony! Mikayla cried. Russell Hantz's Nephew cried. Well, he's doo- Oh wait. I did that gag already.

Coach's team won reward/immunity. Jim immediately targeted Papa Bear, the old New York cop. Ozzy agreed. Papa Bear decided to go look for the idol (which Ozzy has) to save his skin. He didn't of course, so he pulled off the old trick of making a fake idol and telling his tribemates he has it.

And to no one's surprise, Papa Bear was sent to Redemption Island.

Next week: Cochran turns out to be an evil mastermind. Who knew?


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