The Amazing Race 19 - Episode 1

From CBS website
The new season of the Amazing Race kicked off tonight, featuring Ethan and Jenna from Survivor and a bunch of people who aren't celebrities. Or at least lesser celebrities. And twins who use the word "literally" a lot. Literally.

The teams had to solve a word puzzle right off the bat. The last team wasn't eliminated but was tagged with an additional challenge called a Hazard. That honor went to the Vegas Showgirls. One of whom then dropped her passport at the gas station while asking for directions. (Keep in mind these two bragged about their brains as the show started. I'd like to thank the producers for such an awesome bit of ironic foreshadowing.) And then they argued and bickered.

Ethan and Jenna hatched this plan to not tell anyone they were on Survivor. Cut to all the other teams talking about how they're competing against 2 people who won Survivor.

Meanwhile the Vegas Showgirl passport was found and returned to LAX thanks to Twitter. Seriously.

The teams landed in Taiwan where they had to find their first clue on a billboard, that directed them to the Confucius Temple. Teams has to listen to a Confucius proverb and repeat it to a monk. It was harder than it looked.

Meanwhile, Bill and Cathi wandered the streets looking for their clue. They may still be there.

At the riverside park, teams had to participate in a dragon boat race.

The Vegas Showgirls had to bungee jump as their hazard, while the twins couldn't get the proverb correct. And Bill and Cathi walked across Taiwan.

The first team to the pit stop was Ernie and Cindy, who won an Express Pass. Bill and Cathi were last but not eliminated as it's a continued leg. And next week, 2 teams will be eliminated. Ooh!

The Vegas Showgirls live to race another day.

Next week: Ethan and Jenna don't have a clue.


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